Siemens OpenScape Competitors and Alternatives

Read reviews of Siemens OpenScape competitors and alternatives
Real User
Managing Director at Fly By Wire
Aug 22 2017

What do you think of 3CX?

Valuable Features Fully equipped soft PABX without hidden extras. Not one option missing. Free software for client's computer and smartphone. Infinitely upgradeable and easy to migrate to other hardware or host. • Improvements to My Organization Work from everywhere and still be able to be unavailable. Video conference and share screen is a breeze and free. • Room for Improvement There's always some room for improvement, but with at least one new version per year and regular service packs, issues are fixed quite fast and new possibilities are added for free. • Use of Solution At least seven years. • Deployment Issues None worth mentioning. Of course one needs to know his stuff. • Stability Issues Stability is no issue. If you run it on Windows, a regular...

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