Signavio Process Intelligence Valuable Features

Business Process Manager at Delivery hero
Everything is valuable. If you're looking at the process documentation feature, it's really easy to use. We have official training from Signavio trainers, but sometimes I do the training myself very shortly for our colleagues. In less than one or two hours, they are already able to model the business process themselves. The language is really easy. The user interface is really easy. If you're talking about process simulation, we have customers and clients internally who are using it a lot, because they are from logistics or operations. They have numbers and KPIs behind the process. They know their numbers, so they have to see how they can improve given business processes with a change in the task sequence or a change in the numbers of KPIs. If you're talking about process mining, it is integrated into the whole solution. You have the business process in the background that can map your event logs. We first focus on the process and then we go for process mining. It's really great that you can match all of the things inside it. If you are looking at it from the whole customer and client user interface point of view, the new collaboration hub is great because it includes everything: process mining, process simulation, process documentation, and all the GRC controls in one place. Before that, it was not like this. The process simulation was separate. You could not have it as a good collaboration of users. Now, even if you're not using a process model, you're only a user for Collaboration Hub, you can still have everything in one single place. It's much more convenient for everybody. The product is pretty easy to use. It's pretty easy for me, from an administrative point of view. Even with the new user management interface in the Collaboration Hub, it is much easier to manage users. We have a collaboration with the IT department, where we receive information on who is joining and leaving the company, so we can assign the right accesses for all of the process modelers and we can define user groups much more easily. This allows us to set who can see what. As an administrator, it's really easy and for the users, it is getting much easier with the new release. It's really great. Regarding the process modeling and process mining, I can see that the integration right now works pretty well. Inside the process model, you can define these indicators or traffic lights, features that are directly connected to an analysis in the process mining in the background. Process mining itself is related to a business process model, which can map events from the process itself, making it much clearer. The analysis is not a vague or unclear thing that you think is happening. You know that it's really related to a business process. From the automation point of view, we still need to see it. I still don't see the real connection between how automation is connected to the Signavio platform. You are going to show that your new business process design is more or less automated because you have done it offline somewhere. You have removed a lot of tasks that are redundant tasks, not necessary tasks, but if we are talking about Signavio Suite being able to do some type of automation itself, I can only see the workflow in the back, but the workflow is not really the solution for us. View full review »
VP of Finance Innovation at Delivery Hero
The product's best feature is the connection and integration between all of the capabilities. I would say it has several very strong features like the Process Editor, the Collaboration Hub, and Process Intelligence. View full review »
Abdelghani Khaatib
Consultant at TEDCO HOLDING
The valuable feature for me is that it can be deployed in shorter cuts. View full review »
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