Signavio Process Manager Process-Centric Mindset

Has the solution’s collaborative features helped to create a process-centric mindset in your organization? If yes, please provide an example

Head of Global Operation Excellence at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The collaborative features have certainly helped to create a process-centric mindset in our organization, but at the moment, I cannot provide a specific example.
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Operations Governance and Oversight at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
I think the solution is approaching the point where its collaborative features will help create a process-centric mindset. The good thing is the fact that you can raise comments on processors, which gives a lot of power to the end users. They can say which areas need to be improved or get back at the process modelers to improve their processes in the future.
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IT Consultant in House at Interseroh proserv gmbh
Using Signavio has changed the way people in our organization think about processes. To start thinking in processes is very important when it comes to describing them in the modeler and for discussing models. The software helps with this. The collaborative features have definitely helped to create a process-centric mindset. After modeling in the workshop, I can invite people to read and write comments about the objects in the model. This allows the model to change and developer before the next workshop starts.
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Business Process Consultant at Hirslanden AG
The solution’s collaborative features should in theory help to create a process-centric mindset in our organization, although I think the whole idea of process thinking is a mental level that is above this. Even though people use processes as a common language, they don't always think in terms of processes. I don't know if Signavio can really help with that. The collaboration tools help with collaboration, and that's it. Becoming process-centric is more of a thought management function, where you need to foster the process thinking in general. I don't think that it even needs to necessarily be covered with this tool.
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Procurement Lead at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
The collaborative features helped our team create a process-centric mindset, because there's no process in any company that is not cross functional. Every process touches another function. Taking the same example of supplier onboarding, it enforced the collaboration between accounting and procurement, minimized the effort, and therefore made the collaboration even smoother, because you don't fight about bottlenecks on the reworks. You have one lean process from both sides.
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Assistant Director at Ernst & Young
The collaborative features definitely help create a process centered mindset in our organization. Every process that we have, there are at least six people talking about it at the same time, which is much better than just one person trying to shove something down somebody else's throat. That's a really good thing. Collaboration works towards that.
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IT Team Assistant for Integrity and Compliance at TUI Group
While we have not rolled out the Collaboration Hub company-wide, I can say that in my team, it has helped create a process-centric mindset. When we do a project, we try to document everything that we want to do in Signavio, including the lifecycle. It really helps to keep us focused on what we want to get and what we have to keep in mind for the whole process.
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Process Manager at a wholesaler/distributor
I would say that using Signavio has helped to create a process-centric mindset within our organization. We started with other products and there were processes that needed to be documented, but we had no real guidelines on how it should be done. With this solution, it's pretty easy, and there is help available in the settings. Now that people understand that it is not hard to document processes, they realize that our process thinking has to get better.
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Process Architecture Lead at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I think we are getting around to more globally adopting a process-centered mindset. We are not there yet, but I'm hopeful that is will be in the future.
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Process Manager at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
In terms of creating a process-centric mindset within the organization, it has helped for some parts. We are still working on this and it is one of our biggest tasks within the next year to get everything online for the digital transformation. We still have some old school people in our company who would rather see this take place in twenty years, but our priority is to adapt in order to stay competitive.
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Team Leader Business Process Management at Laepple AG
Using this solution has helped to create a process-centric mindset in parts of our company. It is not used everywhere.
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Lead Business Analyst at a media company with 10,001+ employees
We are still building the process-centric mindset in the organization.
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Quality Management at J Wagner
I think this is going to be the main tool for us to really get the whole process-centric mentality in motion in our company.
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