Signavio Process Manager Previous Solutions

Lead Business Analyst at a media company with 10,001+ employees
Personally, I've spent a lot of time working in Visio. I've only been at the BBC for five years and then my previous employer worked in Visio. Going back a bit further, I did a piece of work with an SAP installation quite a while back, so I understood the importance of process. Lots of people don't. Over the years, besides working at the BBC, I always found processes for what I do. That is just my approach to things. When we started going to conferences and were listening to certain people talking about their process, the central repository and such, we tried to understand how that would work in practice. We were using Visio at the time while other people were using things like Lucidchart — you know, free versions, or open-source Business Process Management. Our priority became to get a central repository. So even without understanding what the tool could do in terms of the modeling, it gave us the central repository and I think the rest of the experience with the tool has been a bonus. It was through going to conferences and having a desire already to use processes more effectively that we made progress. We wanted to translate that to something the end-users and the senior managers would like. View full review »
Principal Business Process Architect at Met Office
We previously used IBM Blueworks Live in this organisation and I have used it in other organisations previously. We switched because we found that the Blueworks interface was inflexible and often produced messy and very limited models. View full review »
Process Architecture Lead at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We knew we needed a better solution after we carried out a review end-to-end in the business. It highlighted a lot of the things that better process management could solve for us. From silo approaches to just not having a lot of things joined up in the business, this was seen as a way that we can actually do that and keep it live, and keep it up to date. We did not previously have a dedicated solution at all. We used older more traditional methods with Visio, PowerPoint and piecemealed it together. Going back to the process of the tools we considered, it is hard trying to remember all those. I can certainly answer why we chose Signavio. It was the fact that their ethos and how they approached us just seemed to fit with how we like to work. That put them steps above others along with collaboration and customer journey mapping. We were embarking on a customer excellence project at the time, so it was really a way for us to tie a lot of that together. With collaboration being at the heart, it really did help us. View full review »
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Assistant Director at Ernst & Young
We had Signavio in a different department. A German team was already using it. Through our vendor analysis to see what would be the best fit, we actually chose Signavio, and then we found out we already had an existing relationship. That's how we are changing how we work with them now. View full review »
Operations Governance and Oversight at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
We had an older solution that was not as easy to use and our staff was not able to learn how to use the previous tool. With Signavio, one of the selling points is that everybody comes out of a one to two-day training able to model their processes. You get that ability to do it yourself and start modeling very fast. View full review »
Process Manager at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
When I started with this company they were using ADONIS, although it was not the current version. It was quite old and nobody supported it. I was already familiar with Signavio and I suggested that we need it, rather than continue with what they already had. View full review »
Manager at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
I personally found out about Signavio about seven years ago and just followed the company, their internal roadmap, and the development. I liked what I saw because they kept the pace over the last six, seven years. But in general I had worked and I'm still working with different solutions. It's most important that we can work with the tools the customer requires. View full review »
Process Engineer at Swissgrid
Before I joined the company, they were using ARIS BPM. It was perceived as being complex and not easy to use. View full review »
Tiger Pillay
Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
We had the ARIS solution before Signavio. The primary difference between the two is that ARIS provided an architectural academic view where Signavio is very user-friendly. Signavio got more people in the business excited about using the tool rather than just focusing on the project and involving the process professionals. We consciously targeted a user group that was organization-wide and we based our decision of tool selection on that. View full review »
Managing Director at Andrew Lim Consulting
We were using a fairly old ARIS product and then switched to this solution. The ARIS product was well structured, which is good, but the user-friendliness of Signavio Process Manager beats ARIS hands-down. The ARIS solution is also very expensive. The switch came about when our ARIS license was about to expire, and we considered upgrading the existing product. Our group of thirty-two people evaluated both the upgraded ARIS product, as well as Signavio Process Manager, and it was put to a vote. The result was a unanimous decision to transition to Signavio. View full review »
Head of Global Operation Excellence at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We did not use another solution prior to this one. We did not document processes in a professional way. Our interest was in finding a tool to not only document the processes, but everything around the decision process. I think that it is sometimes more important than the process itself. View full review »
Process Manager at a wholesaler/distributor
We worked with other products before we chose this one, and Signavio is easier to use. View full review »
Process Advisor at Statnett
We used another solution which was okay, but a lot more complex to work with than the Signavio. View full review »
Managing Director at Aqetas
My client currently uses Visio, but it's not available to everybody. View full review »
Direct Business Process Management at Coca-Cola European Partners
You cannot ask a business or a person to use ARIS. It's not possible. Sometimes, if you navigate through the process flow in ARIS, you do not remember at a certain point where you started. It is not easy to come back to that point. I sometimes say that the process models in ARIS are three dimensional. That is too much for our normal thinking process, so you get lost. View full review »
Manager of Process and IT at Phoenix emobility
We are in a transitionary stage, coming from ARIS, which no longer works for us. View full review »
Regional Director at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
I'm a software consultant and my company asked me to develop a cycle for the project management area. I use to use Visio, Excel, and Powerpoint - manual, basic tools. When I found that the basic tools did not cover my needs I decided to search for other tools that would help me to automate this process. I found Signavio, I registered for a free trial, and I started using the software. This is a good way to start using the software. They gave me a free trial for one month then I asked them to give me an offer. Now we are in the process of moving forward with them. I found it easy, it helped me to define the business processes and meets my management's expectations. While I am not an expert at developing a business process cycle, when I started using the tool, it helped me convert what is fixed in my mind into a visual process. Support is the main area I am looking for when selecting a vendor. View full review »
Team Leader Business Process Management at Laepple AG
Prior to implementing Signavio, we had different solutions being used throughout the company. There was nothing that was centralized. We chose to go with this solution because it's innovative, intuitive, and it's so simple to use. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Signavio, Software AG, Microsoft and others in Business Process Design. Updated: February 2020.
399,540 professionals have used our research since 2012.