Signavio Process Manager Room for Improvement

Lead Business Analyst at a media company with 10,001+ employees
One thing I'd like to see changed and improved — bearing in mind we do not use the full functionality — is custom reporting. One thing that I found is in order to get us mobilized, get the processes modeled and get the right information out, we have had to use the API to create some custom reports. I would say making the creation of custom reports easier for the end-user could make it a more versatile solution. View full review »
Business Process Consultant at Hirslanden AG
There are two main features I like to see implemented/further developed in the SaaS solution, which would bring a great value to our present business case. On the first hand, I would like to see the inclusion of some document management functionalities. Even though Signavio focusses on process management, processes are often accompanied by loads of documents. With our current solution, we link the DMS system with Signavio, nevertheless, an embedded solution of DMS with Signavio would certainly bring more benefits and better operability to the overall solution and its end-users. On the other hand, a more user-friendly solution could be targeted with process standards and process variants compromising the overall process architecture. On the level of the process manager, it would be very convenient if standardized processes / or standardized parts of processes could be treated differently from process variants and be "marked" as such. Especially if standardized process parts are implemented in completely different (end-to-end) processes, a marginal change of the standardized part would be translated in all those other processes, where the standard process part is implemented. In the current status, process modularization needs to be performed, where the standardized parts are linked to from any other (end-to-end) process. On top of this, reports could be drawn to measure the % of standardization across all processes, including also standardized process parts in the analysis instead of just those processes, which are standardized end-to-end. View full review »
Principal Business Process Architect at Met Office
We've seem previews of the new 'Velocity Edition' which is the latest release and we are looking forward to deploying the process performance dashboards in the Collaboration Hub. The solution can enable us to carry out the entire process improvement life cycle from a central hub. We use the Lean Six Sigma methodology for improving processes, but there isn't specific functionality in the solution, at present, to support this. More support for process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma would be good. We are trying to get help to up-skill our modelers and show us how to use it fully. I have worked in many different organisations and have always had a vision of trying to improve processes and having a solution like this that ticks all of the boxes. View full review »
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Process Architecture Lead at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The only thing I would really like to change is notifications. The collaboration and commenting features are great. However, I think it would be more useful for people to get notifications of comments straight away so we can react even quicker to them than we already can. View full review »
Assistant Director at Ernst & Young
For me, given I've got a lot of experience working with BPMN and other process management tools, in terms of the interface, I think there's a little bit more that can be improved to match what the conventional BPMN offers. I've been constantly trying to give this feedback to Signavio, to let them know that it needs to be more coherent with the original BPMN version of the stencil. View full review »
Operations Governance and Oversight at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
I think the biggest selling point that Signavio talks about is its collaborative aspect. However, there's still a lot more improvement in terms of what they can do, how they receive comments, address comments, whether they actually provide feedback, etc. There is still a little bit more improvement to be made on those areas. View full review »
Process Manager at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
Signavio Process Manager needs to have an integrated document management system to better work with processes that rely heavily on documents and document flows. If Signavio would create something like an external collaboration tool then it would definitely help us to communicate with externals about our processes in terms of what we need and what we expect from them. I would like to see the capability for replies to comments within the collaboration hub, as opposed to only a series of comments that may or may not be related. That would be great. View full review »
Manager at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
We very often face situations where Signavio comes to its limits. One of the most important points in Signavio that would be a great change would be the management of variants of the process. This is very unhandy at the moment and what would bring a benefit to Signavio, as well as to the customer, is an even closer integration of the collaboration tools. These are the process manager, workflow accelerator, and process intelligence. View full review »
Procurement Lead at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see more predictive analytics. The tool already has all the process maps, but it could offer a more proactive improvement offering. For example, they could put a little bit more machine learning behind it. View full review »
Head of Business Analysis Design and Engineering at BBC
The user interface for the collaboration hub is antiquated and should be improved. It feels sort of 90s and I think there is more that can be done with it. I would like to see more support for targeting efforts in terms of resources. One of the things we've done for ourselves is added an attribute to indicate where the process is from. This means that we can do a bit of a heat map of where we've got processes modeled and where we haven't. This gives us the ability to target particular areas of the business. There could be something more on the reporting side of it for the processes you have captured or processes that might be work in progress to see where to target your effort because you don't always have lots of resources to spare. So it's more around targeted efforts. View full review »
Process Engineer at Swissgrid
For us, it would help a lot if this solution had floating licenses. I would consider this to be my number one improvement because we try to involve as many people as possible in modeling, rather than having them just consume work that other people have done. We feel that it is important for people to identify with the processes, and with what we model, so it requires that we have a lot of licenses. If we had a floating license or a concurrent license, then it would help a lot. View full review »
IT Team Assistant for Integrity and Compliance at TUI Group
As a standard user, I would really like to have more flexibility in the visualization, especially on the main page of the Collaboration Hub to make it easier. I would like it to show cycles and other things, rather than just boxes and arrows. I would like to be able to include images in the documentation. View full review »
Tiger Pillay
Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
As we have only used the product for six months, it's too soon to tell what we'd like to see added in the future besides getting the solution fully deployed. At this point, we haven't fully explored the full functionality but it's got things like process manning capability and intelligence capability which we haven't even tapped into yet. View full review »
Operations Change at Morgan Stanley
There are a couple of things that could be improved. First, I think the interface itself can improve a bit. I think the interface is still stuck about a decade in the past, if I may be so brutal about it. Some of the buttons are really small, so you can't even see them. I think it needs upgrading to the 21st century with apps and the way we use mobile phones. Secondly, although the navigation is fine and the customization is absolutely phenomenal, it is difficult to create different perspectives and views without having to take the data out of the system and use a BI tool. Those would be sort of the two main things from my perspective. View full review »
Managing Director at Andrew Lim Consulting
The Signavio Process Manager is a middle-range solution that is also capable of process simulation and workflow management. Whilst it may not be as strong as other products for certain tasks; For example, simulation-wise, it is probably not as strong as SIMUL8 Process Simulation Software. For complex workflow management, it's probably not as strong as Appian. It represents good value for money with strong performance. If you wish to build a process-centric business from scratch then I think this product would be ideal. The Customer Journey Map is fairly new to the whole industry, and I think that Signavio has been supporting it for a couple of years now. The vector-based graphics library for the Customer Journey Map is a little limiting. View full review »
Quality Management at J Wagner
Part of the product that I think can improve is document control. That's currently not even possible. To work with documents we have something of a workaround using SharePoint. We made a SharePoint site with Nintex workflow in the background. I think if it could be possible to implement the document control right in Signavio it would become a very fulsome tool for a company. But right now we will just live with that workaround. View full review »
Sales Operations at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
I think where there is always room for improvement is the capability of integration with other solutions. For example, if we develop in SAP, or we have an SAP component that serves our data models we would like to integrate that. We model our central data dimensions and components in the SAP product. As far as I know, we currently have no direct integration with that to Signavio. We have integration to LeanIX that is providing our system landscape into Signavio. If we had one piece to provide us all of our data components in a more integrated way, it would be better. View full review »
Senior Compliance Manager and IT Systems at Tui
The user administration, the user-group administration, and the license models need improvement. In discussions with other departments or people, a problem that I always have is the license models. They are called licenses. View full review »
Head of Global Operation Excellence at a media company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I find it difficult to figure out how I can better align this solution with my KPIs. I would like to combine the most important KPIs in our processes together with the main Signavio tools. View full review »
Process Manager at a wholesaler/distributor
We sometimes experience downtime or a dropped connection, so I think that the stability can be improved for the SaaS solution. View full review »
Process Advisor at Statnett
From what I have experienced when I worked with a process team, we would like to work with dummy process diagrams. Right now, I don't know if I would set up a process as a dummy since it very often gets mixed up with diagrams in production. There are many process diagrams linked to the production environment. I would like to have some kind of sandbox to work with. That would be very good. I don't even know if they already have it, but I would certainly like that. View full review »
Managing Director at Aqetas
If you're going to use the tool the way I'm using it, which is to work with businesses and capture what they're thinking, it would be helpful to be able to insert other objects onto a diagram. At the moment, there are the different symbols you can use with different features of BPMN, but if I wanted to cut and paste a slide or some images to help us show them, "This is what you gave me. This is how I've changed it into this," you can't do that. You can't superimpose images or other things into their graphic. I understand that it works well as a best practice for capturing a process, but as a communication tool, that would help. View full review »
Manager of Process and IT at Phoenix emobility
I would like to have the option to select the color of items and subgroups in the glossary because right now it is fixed. This is something that is really annoying for me. For example, roads are red, and red is a color for danger. I would prefer to choose my own color. We would like to see support for using languages other than English because we use this platform in Poland, China, and Germany. Having to work in English is ok, but not everybody speaks it. View full review »
Regional Director at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
It could use a better user interface, one that is more efficient. View full review »
Business Process Manager at Chal tec
If you have a lot of tasks in the workflow engine then it gets a bit slow. Being able to integrate the Workflow Accelerator with more products would be good. View full review »
IT Consultant in House at Interseroh proserv gmbh
I would like to be able to link a single word within a textual description directly to the glossary. For example, I would like to be able to link the names of the objects in every subject to the corresponding entry in the glossary. View full review »
Team Leader Business Process Management at Laepple AG
I would like to see more integration with the process manager in terms of the workflow accelerator. View full review »
Owner at BPM Stephan Muller
It is sometimes difficult to find the match between what is possible and what is wanted, or what is helpful with the product, so better documentation may assist in this regard. On the website, it is not clear how it is that I can upgrade to the Velocity Edition. View full review »
Group Accountant at HUGO BOSS
There are a few bugs when you use the Microsoft Surface Hub with the big screen. View full review »
Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers
I think the intuitive handling is an issue which they should be more focused on, especially as we have issues with the glossary. If you want to implement Signavio within procedures in contact with other software, it's quite difficult to integrate and you will have several points where you have to double and triple the work because you cannot maintain the data centrally. With other solutions, we can integrate it and have only one data transfer, to import and export with other solutions. A glossary is still limiting us. View full review »
Process Manager at DKV Mobility Services
We would like a better way to give users the correct permissions for processes, whether to view or design. At the moment, we have to click on every account and assign the permissions based on what they need to see. Better documentation to explain the functionality would assist us with increasing the adoption in other departments within our organization. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Signavio, Software AG, Microsoft and others in Business Process Design. Updated: January 2020.
391,932 professionals have used our research since 2012.