Snowflake Room for Improvement

Business Intelligence and Data Engineering at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
The company is constantly working to improve the product. Now they have a focus on data sharing, which is really great. We already share data with others who do not have Snowflake. That alone is already great. But if the other counterparts also have Snowflake, then it is extremely easy to share data. You can control access at low levels and even on the cell level. It is very secure. With the improvements they continue to make, there is nothing now that I would say I miss or features that need to be added. Maybe there could be some more connectors to other systems, but this is what they are constantly developing anyway. View full review »
Director -Data Architecture and Engineering at Decision Minds
Portability is a big hurdle right now for our clients. Porting all of your existing SQL ecosystem, such as stored procedures, to Snowflake is a major pain point. Currently, Snowflake stored procedures use JavaScript, but they should support SQL-based stored procedures. It would be a huge advantage if you can write your stored procedures using SQL. It seems that they are working on this feature, and they are yet to release it. I remember seeing some notes saying that they were going to do that in the future, but the sooner this feature comes out, it would be better for Snowflake because there are a lot of clients with whom I'm interacting, and their main hurdle is to take their existing Oracle or SQL Server stored procedures and move them into Snowflake. For this, you need to learn JavaScript and how it works, which is not easy and becomes a little tricky. If it supports SQL-based procedures, then you can just cut-paste the SQL code, run it, and easily fix small issues. View full review »
Mauricio Ruiz Falcón
Senior Information Management Architect at Raken
I think that the area of improvement with Snowflake is to improve the administration. It would benefit from an administration that allows you to be aware of your credit consumption once you have the service so that you may be sure how many credits you are consuming when you use the platform and to make sure that you are making the most efficient use of these resources. In other words, to improve their interface so that you may monitor the consumption of your credits on Cloud. I also heard from a company we work for that it could be more user-friendly because it provides some tools but they are not user-friendly. Additionally, it would be very helpful if Snowflake integrated machine learning and some other advanced analytics features within their language or product capabilities. Right now, they do it through some other company where you have to buy these capabilities from other vendors. There are some customers that don't have complex needs for machine learning or advanced analytics so they don't have to buy it from another vendor but can use it from the product itself if they have it. View full review »
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AVP Enterprise Architecture at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Their strategy is just to leverage what you've got and put Snowflake in the middle. It does work well with other tools. You have to buy a separate reporting tool and a separate data loading tool, whereas, in some platforms, these tools are baked in. In the long-term, they'll need to add more direct partnerships to the ecosystem so that it's not like adding on tools around Snowflake to make it work. They can also consider including Snowflake native reporting tools versus partnering with other reporting tools. It would kind of change where they sit in the market. View full review »
Senior Vice President at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
We've spoken with Snowflake about the fact that there are a few bare minimum requirements now these days for any data cloud, data lake, or platform. They've lacked a bit here, however, they're adopting some new measures that will be available in the next release, so that is sorted. Snowflake is partners with only AWS as a cloud platform. However, in India, Microsoft has got a big subscription. The product needs to be able to adapt to Azure a bit more in order to meet the local market demands. It's difficult to know how to size everything correctly. They should incorporate at least a basic ETL framework. It's early days, however, I would put the solution at a seven out of ten. It needs a bit more time to mature. If I were to look at it strictly from a warehousing perspective, I'd rate it at an eight out of ten. View full review »
Valai Gunapalan
Architect at Sony Corporation of America
It would be helpful if implementation could be handled more on the user-side. We need to train the users on best practices and how to use the solution properly. It's a cost issue. If they don't run it properly then it'll end up costing more money. There are some stored procedures that we've had trouble with. The solution also needs to fine-tune the connectors to be able to connect into the system source. View full review »
Yash Mittal
Lead Data Engineer at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
One thing which I believe Snowflake needs to improve is related to product activation queries. It's not possible to change the warehouse size while executing. It means, for example, that the query is sometimes activated on a larger surface even if I've switched to extra small, the grading in the background is running on extra large. The result is that I have to pay for extra large until the execution is complete. The cost implications can be quite large. There should be a system where they provide a prompt so you can know the current warehouse size. It would also be helpful if they would simplify the process of using Snowpipe. The way it works now is quite complicated. There are certain steps that you have to follow which is fine but if they could simplify that process, it would be helpful. View full review »
Sr. Software Developer at Tech Mahindra Limited
It is difficult in some cases to perform ETL and this is something that should be included. As it is now, I use Informatica PowerCenter to load data from on-premises to the Snowflake cloud-based data warehouse. If this could be done by Snowflake directly, without an external integration tool, then it would become a full package. It would be awesome. They do have a native connector to connect with integration tools for loading data, but it would be much better to have the functionality built-in. We would like to be able to just write an SQL query and do our work. View full review »
Principal Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The user interface continues to be an issue, especially when we need to get data out of Snowflake. It's very easy to get data in, but it's not too easy to get it out or extract it. It would be nice to have some built-in solutions that would solve. for example, how to delete data from a customer when they request it. There needs to be stronger data protection. View full review »
Cesar AugustoSiado Leyva
Business Intelligence Consultant at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
I would like to have a tool where you can easily see the price because they need clarity of pricing. Support needs improvement, as it can take several days before you get some initial support. Integration could be the key to provide an optimal solution. In the near future, I would like to see a built-in basic analytics solution that can be embedded for testing purposes, so you can see data not only in tables but also in a graphical way in order to better prepare data for analytics. Embedded analytics would be nice. View full review »
Data & Analytics Practitioner at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution should offer an on-premises version also. We have some requirements where we would prefer to use it as a template. The integration capabilities could be improved. View full review »
Enterprise BDM and Solutions Speacialist at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
The pricing of the solution should be much easier to calculate or find by yourself. Clients want to get a rough idea as to how much it's going to cost for year one, year two, year three, et cetera. There is a calculator that Snowflake gives you, however, more often than not, you have to go to Snowflake to get those numbers. You can't do it yourself. To simplify things, it could be easier if they made it maybe easier to understand the cost and what the outgoing cost for a customer would be. In the future, if they added AI capabilities, that would be ideal. View full review »
Founder & CIO at a computer software company with 11-50 employees
There are always a few operation updates here and there that can be made. However, overall, there aren't any features or glaring shortcomings. It's pretty good. We can't complain. While the solution is quite inexpensive, there is always a push from clients that want it to be cheaper in the future. View full review »
Veerendra Karnam
General Manager -DATA at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We've come to realize that for many customers, pricing of this solution is an issue. Maintaining Snowflake clusters is challenging and cost intensive. Reporting could also be improved. Any data that moves out of Snowflake is being cached. If I have 400 to 500 end users, with 100 or 200 reports on a daily basis, all the reports will be cached. It's a matter of ensuring that costs can be optimized. The combination of Red Warescape plus Snowflake is a combination from the design and development perspective. But the combination from the reporting perspective to micro strategy on top of Snowflake could be a better feature, so there's a combination that has to be considered. View full review »
Principal Technologist at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
The recovery process is very simple and very user-friendly as well. The constraint files could be improved. But the most important things are there. Also, the interface is good to work with and user-friendly. If I had to say what needs improvement, in my experience is that the availability is a problem. Availability should be high and has to be enhanced. I still have not explored all of the existing features. Because I have not been deeply involved with using the program it is hard to say what else is missing or what I would need. View full review »
Lead Data Analyst at a wholesaler/distributor with 1,001-5,000 employees
Its pricing or affordability is one of the big challenges. Pricing was the only thing that we didn't like about Snowflake. In terms of technical features, it is a complete solution. View full review »
Suresh Swaminathan
Senior Software Engineer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Right now, Snowflake doesn't have any analytical functions, especially in comparison to Oracle and other databases. The analytical performance needs to improve. It would be ideal if Snowflake was able to use the analytical functions, and what we have in the relational database. That would be really helpful. They don't have any SLAs in place. It would be better if they did. View full review »
DBA at a venture capital & private equity firm with 11-50 employees
Snowflake has support for stored procedures, but it is not that powerful. They have a lot of limitations. For example, it is really basic and there are limitations on subqueries. The functions are not very good. Improving this would help to make sure data manipulation much easier. Right now, the inbuilt stored procedures and functions are all Java-based. View full review »
Data Engineer at Celebal Technologies
Right now, we need to write code, but if they could create a version of Snowflake that was more drag and drop for those managers that don't know how to code, it would be great for our business. The solution could improve the user interface and add functionality to the system. View full review »
Technology & Innovation at a consultancy with 201-500 employees
Every product has room for improvement, although in this case, it needs some broadening of the functionality. They could become more complete. Including more AI functionality would be nice. Microsoft does have more in this regard, although that also has to do with the size of the company. View full review »
Tom Bruce
Co-founder & Delivery Lead at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
Whilst flexibility is one of its key strengths, it would be useful if there could be some better governance built into the product. In addition, functionality out of the box to deal with common data warehousing scenarios (e.g. slowly-changing dimensions etc.) would be great. View full review »
Krishna Gadepalli
Associate Manager at LatentView Analytics
I am still in the learning stage. It has good security, but it can always be more secure. View full review »
R&D Operations Manager at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We would like Snowflake to be able to do inter-cloud migrations. That would be great. I want to be able to switch clouds. View full review »
Solutions Architect-AI & ML at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
We would like to have an on-premises deployment option that has the same features, including scalability. View full review »
Subhrajit Mitra
Sr. Technical Architect - Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
For the Snowflake database, there should be some third-party features for the ETL. It would also be good to be able to use some kind of controls to get the data either from another database or a flat file. Its price should be improved. It should be cheaper than Microsoft. View full review »
Murugan Asokan
Senior Solutions Architect at NessPRO Italy
They should improve the reporting tools. They could increase their bandwidth to connect to other ETL tools. View full review »
Data Architect and ETL Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We would like to see more security including more masking and more encryption at the database level. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Snowflake. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: February 2021.
464,655 professionals have used our research since 2012.