Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure Primary Use Case

Ram Kanumuri
Vice President - Digital Integration at Kellton Tech Solutions Limited
Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure, traditionally, has been on-premise. Of course, it can be deployed alongside in the cloud as well, but essentially it's a managed platform. This means that customers might put it in their own data centers where they have servers: integration servers or SAP servers. They would deploy it right next to the infrastructure and applications in the data center that they own. They can deploy Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure to monitor all infrastructures and applications. That's what it's primarily used for. Similarly, if you have the infrastructure in AWS where you just subscribed virtual machines from AWS, and you are managing the applications yourself (which means you install the databases or other applications including Software AG's own middleware applications), then you can definitely put Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure in the AWS right next to those components. You can leverage this solution this way primarily for monitoring the infrastructure and the application instances for: * Run time and optimization * Thread counts * CPU usage * Memory usage * Read I/Os All these are directly monitored. You can set up alerts and things like that in this tool so that the platform automatically monitors and alerts. It's primarily used for support teams in IT: the infrastructure support and the application support teams. When we talk about application monitoring, it's not only the application run-time engine but what else can the tools monitor, that is, whether they can monitor: * Thread counts * Persistence skews and things like that * Messaging A lot of these parameters are relevant and typically what you choose. Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is chosen for a lot of the middleware environments to monitor: * Middleware engines * Middleware messaging queues * Middleware engine threads * Memory usage * CPU usage So it's more predominantly used to monitor middleware environments. I mean definitely Software AG's own middleware environments, but other middleware environments as well. View full review »