Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure Overview

What is Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure?

Optimize for Infrastructure is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution that gives you real-time insight into the performance of webMethods Integration Server and Universal Messaging—the servers they run on and the applications they’re hosting. You can:

  • Optimize performance with precise, up-to-the-minute infrastructure visibility.
  • Prevent costly business disruptions with proactive alerts highlighting potential system problems before they occur.
  • Reduce the “noise” and focus on the real issues via intelligent self-learning.

Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is also known as webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure.

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Ram Kanumuri
Vice President - Digital Integration at Kellton Tech Solutions Limited
Real User
Top 10
Aug 12, 2020
Mature, stable, and powerful managed platform

What is our primary use case?

Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure, traditionally, has been on-premise. Of course, it can be deployed alongside in the cloud as well, but essentially it's a managed platform. This means that customers might put it in their own data centers where they have servers: integration servers or SAP servers. They would deploy it right next to the infrastructure and applications in the data center that they own. They can deploy Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure to monitor all infrastructures and applications. That's what it's primarily used for. Similarly, if you have the infrastructure in… more »

Pros and Cons

  • "The infrastructure monitoring features are the most valuable. The primary purpose of Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure is to automate the aspects of monitoring various infrastructure and applications. They will definitely automate an alert automatically, but a lot of such tools differ from each other on aspects of various low-level components that they can monitor."
  • "Sometimes Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure goes through an upgrade cycle of four years to get to the next version. Some of the utilities need to be definitely advanced as well so that migration to the latest version is even smoother and easier. That could probably be the only improvements that they can look at. I definitely think that their cloud version capabilities are still nascent. They need to evolve into offering similar capabilities to the cloud infrastructure as well. That is not specifically SaaS but any managed infrastructure that customers would subscribe to in AWS, Azure, and other public clouds. How to employ Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure and also to see if it can be subscribed as a service from Software AG would be the ideal next steps for this solution to evolve into."

What other advice do I have?

It's a powerful tool. It can be employed in many scenarios, but it's really well suited for those customers who already have Software AG infrastructure and Software AG middleware. It is definitely a must-have tool for such setups. It kind of alleviates all the complexity in the IT support and service teams, and it will make their life easier. It will definitely increase their productivity. I would rate Software AG Optimize for Infrastructure an eight out of ten.