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Information Security Analyst at Detecon Al Saudia Co. Ltd.
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: Good log collection and reporting…
Information Security Engineer at a cloud provider
Communications and Networks Engineer at a transportation company
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: A solution that offers easy…
Senior Technical Engineer at SYSTECH
Solutions Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: Provides good visibility for login…
Director, Technical Architect at Archer Information Technology
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: Can be used across many platforms…
Consultant at a tech company
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: Assists greatly with analyzing log…
‎IT Consultant at a consultancy
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: Good security monitoring features…
Systems administrator at a healthcare company
Reviewed SolarWinds LEM: Helps maintain logs of access and…