SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Room for Improvement

IT Analyst at Hawkbridge Consultants

The biggest problem with SolarWinds is that they've tried to integrate a lot into the core modules. I think it would actually really benefit if they are more focused. It's packing a lot of technology in now, it's very confusing areas in respect to what the product can potentially do. Even though it's split into very specific core modules, there's quite a lot of overlap. I think anybody being dropped in front of SolarWinds for the first time could initially be overwhelmed.

I think it's a very comprehensive product. It could do to even be toned down a bit. It is very powerful. They keep on pushing more and more features and I don't think it's a good thing, because we've noted quite a few stability issues with the product. I'm not saying 100% of it is all SolarWinds really related, but it's doing a lot. It's a very complex product and it's difficult to troubleshoot it when it goes wrong.

The problem is that SolarWinds is trying to bolt in too much and that can leave bugs, which you have to then sort out, leaving the product unstable. SolarWinds needs to try and slow down and improve the stability of the product, as opposed to bringing out more and more features.

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Senior Network Specialist at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees

Regarding SolarWinds, no major comment or improvement. We just use it. Because it's an old-school technique, we only rely on it for alerts, events, system logs, etc. That's why I said we don't put any effort into it.

Since we've only just begun using ThousandEyes, we're not sure yet. But there probably will be issues.

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IT Director at NEDCO

One of the things that can be improved is the licensing, as it is limited to a number of nodes. They limit it to five hundred nodes before jumping to the next level. When we exceeded that limit, we had to go directly to two thousand nodes. We did not really need that many but I still had to pay for that. The licensing should be more realistic so that we can adjust the number of nodes according to my needs, rather than in fixed increments. For example, one thousand nodes would have been enough. Jumping to four times the volume was too much.

We recently upgraded to a more recent version of this solution and we had an issue with backing up the data. We were unable to make proper use of the databases from the previous version.

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Network Services Manager at a government with 5,001-10,000 employees

It's not a cheap product, so the pricing could be improved.

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Network Engineer at Brookfield Property

This solution would benefit from having more security-based communications between the actual devices and the software itself. After dealing with a bunch of other vendors who are very security-focused, it would be nice to see that included in other products as well. It may be a case where they have not kept up with certain security aspects as technology has changed.

I would like to see visual maps for all of the devices that are interconnected. They do have a feature that exists now, but I think that it can be worked on. There are some competitors out there that are doing a better job at that.

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Control Department Head of Information Security at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

If your network is on SolarWinds, and you notice that the traffic is bad because it says "user downloading a heavy file," it doesn't indicate which endpoint is downloading those heavy files. SolarWinds doesn't have the tools to be able to handle this kind of situation. You can just notice through your network device that the traffic is becoming overwhelming or heavy, but you cannot go inside and get more details related to the endpoint where it is happening. We would like SolarWinds to be able to handle this kind of situation and even manage the traffic inside a network from the endpoint to the network device. These would be good enhancements.

It is mostly stable. The problem comes only when we want to add another SolarWinds model. SolarWinds has so many models, and sometimes when we want to add other models on the platforms that are reserved for our firm, it freezes. When this happens, we have to create a new VM for that model.

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Information Technology Manager at B&I Contractors

This solution does not do a very good job when I am trying to look deeper into my internal network, in particular with respect to individual ports.

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Head of Technology and Inspection at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees

One improvement could be the system intelligence. I think another would be to show a kind of session mark that shows you the latency between each hub, but with much more intelligence. I know they do that but to make something that works very well I would want to see more terminals so that I can look where the need is happening. Of course, the network could be much better. 

I need to see something with AI. I know they don't have it, and I need to see straight through to integration and cloud monitoring. The application for monitoring should be enhanced with a better quality experience, in terms with what their customers are going through. Instead of looking at Bit-Coin sites they need to have insights like translating. 

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Networks Lead Engineer at a mining and metals company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The licensing should be improved. I don't like the licensing because it is geared to the interface and not the device, which increases the cost.

The Atlas module that is used for building the network map is very bad.

I would like to see improvements made to the dashboard configuration.

They should provide more templates for the vendors.

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Managing Director at a consultancy with 51-200 employees

I would like to see more artificial intelligence capabilities.

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IT Project Lead - Danone North America at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

I would like to see better customization capabilities.

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Head of IT Governance Service at ITGSTORE

I recognize that SolarWinds has a reporting feature that will give us reports that we can customize. However, it's not clear how I can integrate the existing solution like BI solutions to SolarWinds. The solution seems to lack an API for other integrations.

The price of the solution is a bit high for our clients. They should consider adjusting their price model.

We'd like more application control in future releases. automatic identification of applications in the traffic. this feature is included in the new generation firewall.

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ICT Training Consultant at a non-tech company with 1,001-5,000 employees

One thing I have noticed is that it is very slow to pick the dynamics of the network, so that is something that could be improved. There is some sort of lag in the reporting, and I would like to see that being faster. 

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Senior System Engineer at a tech company with 1,001-5,000 employees

It's scalable, but it could be simplified because it's not completely easy.

The price could be reduced to make this product more competitive.

Support could have a better response time.

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Senior Tech Support Engineer | Project Implementation Head at a tech company with 11-50 employees

The pricing is expensive. 

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Head of Network Department at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

Sometimes the system is confusing; they should simplify it to make it easier in future releases.

There are many applications we cannot monitor with the solution. They need to open it up to make it easier to monitor across multiple apps.

The solution needs to work with Windows 2003 and 2008. 

Technical support needs improvement.

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Learn what your peers think about SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: May 2021.
511,607 professionals have used our research since 2012.