Help Desk Software Questions
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Jan 12 2021

Can you share with other users what your preferred choice is for help desk software and why? Did you compare it to other solutions? 


Muzaffar AbbasJIRA Due to its agility.
Ian MacFarlaneAt the Enterprise level Ivanti, mid-tier SysAid, or SAManage.
Roland Zuurveld4me; a platform that supports all service management capabilities and extends… more »
IT Central Station

Which help desk software would you recommend for this purpose?

José RiosGreetings, first of all what makes a good ticket system? Responding to your… more »
Vadim TomkevichSetting up and running the IT help desk you most probably think about their… more »
Cheryl SobkowThe tool that you use should have the functions that are important to your… more »
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What makes a good ticketing system? There are so many ticketing systems out there to choose from. What features should one look out for when choosing a ticketing system?

reviewer933414Ticketing system must have multiple ways of logging a ticket (self-service… more »
Cheryl SobkowA sound ticketing system brings together via integration, those parts of your… more »
Ignacio TorresI would say it much depends on your type of business and needs. Regardless of… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
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Aug 03 2020

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