SonicWall TZ Room for Improvement

Rias Majeed
Software CIO at Exceed NetSec LLC
In some places, we face problems, especially in the client VPN portion. There are certain places where we are not able to contact. We don't have the lease line, static IP addresses, or dynamic IP addresses. This is an area of concern. Another thing which I don't like about SonicWall is that it tries to bypass the resellers. That is not good. SonicWall suddenly calls the client, goes to them directly. That is not a good thing. They should consider working a bit more on their ransomware application. View full review »
IT Supervisor at a construction company with 501-1,000 employees
SonicWall Analyzer needs a different license. It would be good if Analyzer would be part of the stock license, so even if a layperson is getting the device, he or she doesn't forgets about ordering the Analyzer because it's already there. This is what we realized that over the last few months. We tried to pull some analysis, and without the Analyzer, we couldn't. Now, we are in the process of buying the additional license. It would have been better embedded from the beginning. View full review »
Vice President & Chief Information Officer at a aerospace/defense firm with 10,001+ employees
The support for this product has to be improved. With what I use, I don't really require any other features. View full review »
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John Sturman
Technologist at Digifabshop (Hudson, NY)
I find that the user interface for the product configuration needs improvement. It is not intuitive when you are trying to figure out how to get something done. An additional feature that I would like to see is reporting that includes metrics to give me more information about the number of viruses that it has actually detected and interrupted. View full review »
Svein Jensen
Senior Engineer at KDsystems
I don't have anything that I would say needs improving at the moment. The small business line has less PPS throughput and that's what you're going to lose on when you use WatchGuard. So they need to improve the throughput of the firewall in the small business line. Easy to explain : WatchGuard T70 vs SonicWall TZ600 Firewall Throughput : 4Gbps vs 1.9Gbps Price : 610€ vs 973€ View full review »
Umut Erol
Partner at 0ve1
We would like to improve the rules configuration in SonicWall TZ. Sometimes the rules don't work. We cannot prove that the rules don't work. Maybe they can improve that. Sometimes you write a rule in SonicWall and users are not able to use YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Users can see YouTube or Instagram for a while, but five minutes later, they cannot visit the sites. The additional feature I would like to see included in the next release of this solution are analyzers. They can put it in the software, i.e which users are in which sites. We need to see which users are on which sites simultaneously. In this edition, it's hard to see. You can just see the IP address. FortiGate has 40 analyzers. Maybe SonicWall can put it in the license for at least three. View full review »
Network & System Engineer at Construction Products Holding Co.
Full monitoring obviously needs to be improved. We need full monitoring covered under the security licensing. The license should include reporting and monitoring. It shouldn't be an add-on, it should just go along with it. They should also make the monitoring easy to manage. Sometimes we need reports. We need some live monitoring decisions on how it's going down. We should take the live report from the SonicWall itself. I want to display the report under our monitor so I can monitor firewalls outside our area. View full review »
Senior Manager - Information Technology at Bahrain Kuwait Insurance
This product has room for improvement in the cloud version. Also, the support could be better. Otherwise, SonicWall TZ is good for us. The additional feature I would like to see included in the next release of SonicWall is a better analyzer. That would be more helpful. Then people will stay with SonicWall. View full review »
Darrel Harvey
Vice President with 11-50 employees
I'm not an IT guy. What I will say is that the market seems to be going to a cloud-supported, new generation of firewall products. I think that's probably going to be important to us, the next time around. View full review »
Khaled Elbendary
General Manager at sysguard
There can be an improvement in analysis and reporting. We need enhancement on the reporting side. View full review »
Khizar Iqbal
IT Engineer at Asia General Contracting
I currently have two issues from SonicWall. One issue is that the IP is not the public IP. Sometimes it moves to an alternate source and I have to refresh the new IP then we can proceed. View full review »
Bruce Bower
President with 11-50 employees
I would like them to make the interface a little bit easier to use so you can find out where in the heck you're going instead of having to go to 15 different places to get something installed. View full review »
Essam Alhanini
IT Admin at a healthcare company with 11-50 employees
With SonicWall TZ, they should make the interface useful for the user. This needs to happen very soon because now the interface is not sufficient. When I need to apply some features, I get many tasks and too many to create objects. View full review »
SME, IT Consultant & Founder with 11-50 employees
The hardware is outdated and very slow. They are far behind Sophos and even FortiGate when it comes to hardware. View full review »
Patti Braun
WCOIL/IT Department with 11-50 employees
I would like to see lower antivirus pricing. So far I haven't found any situation that I needed anything else added/included. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about SonicWall, Fortinet, Cisco and others in Firewalls. Updated: February 2020.
397,983 professionals have used our research since 2012.