Sophos SafeGuard Overview

Sophos SafeGuard is the #2 ranked solution in our list of top Mobile Data Protection tools. It is most often compared to Microsoft BitLocker: Sophos SafeGuard vs Microsoft BitLocker

What is Sophos SafeGuard?
Protect your confidential information and comply with regulatory mandates safely and securely with SafeGuard Enterprise, Utimaco's comprehensive modular information protection platform. SafeGuard Enterprise is a modular information protection control platform that enforces policy-based security for PCs and mobile devices across mixed environments. SafeGuard Enterprise offers full transparency to end-users and is easy to administer from a single central console.

Sophos SafeGuard is also known as SafeGuard, SafeGuard Encryption.

Sophos SafeGuard Buyer's Guide

Download the Sophos SafeGuard Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: April 2021

Sophos SafeGuard Customers
Rushmoor Borough Council
Sophos SafeGuard Video

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Operator at Halliburton
Real User
Offers a three-click policy setup.

What other advice do I have?

For high security routers, whole disk security, and enterprise management, Sophos is and will continue to remain a leader.
IT Administrator with 501-1,000 employees
Sophos SafeGuard: Custom Info Items for Absolute Manage
Whenever we implement new software, I try to include some tracking that can be used in Absolute Manage. Recently we’ve been working to get our Macs encrypted using Sophos SafeGuard full disk encryption. To make some reporting that is easy for our guys to use, I created two simple custom info items. The first custom info item is for tracking the current encryption status of the Mac. This will list three different states of the drive including Not Installed, Encrypting, and Encrypted. This status will update in Absolute Manage every time inventory is taken of the machine, or you can force it by gathering inventory. 1 #!/bin/sh 2 3 #Check to see if SafeGuard is installed 4 if [ -f "/usr/bin/sgadmin" ]; then 5 /usr/bin/sgadmin --status | grep -A 3 "Volume info" | grep…