Sophos XG Scalability

IT Manager-Africa/Technical Services Manager at a mining and metals company with 201-500 employees
Scalability is brilliant. View full review »
Sherif Fouad
Project Manager at a mining and metals company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have about 450 Sophos XG users currently using this edition and 300 for the antivirus platform installed on the machines, plus in-service, around 310. We also have around 15 additional units deployed around the world. View full review »
Kolanji Selvaraj
IT Consultant at Crotus
Our main data center has more than seventy servers that host a web server and internal applications. This is where we use the XG 400. We have installed the XG 210 model at a smaller data center. We have between three and four hundred users at the most. However, because we have more than three hundred sessions, the vendor has suggested that we change to the XG 400. We do not yet know if this will fix our problem. At our remote sites, we use the XG 135 model, and we do not have many issues. View full review »
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Olufemi Adalemo
Chief Technology Officer at Leystel Nigeria Limited
Once you've bought the specific version, you are locked into the limitations of that plan. You can't exceed the number of VPNs, connections, etc. There's no way to increase that capacity, per se. You do have options where you can increase the port count and so on. However, in terms of scalability, you have to buy the capacity you require. On the system I have now, it's not fully populated, but we have about 100 users. The plan is to eventually support about 1,400 users. View full review »
Tunji Gbola
Chairman at BASL
The scalability is okay. We have about 200-250 users. View full review »
Hesham Sakr
IT Infrastructure & Security Manager at a university with 1,001-5,000 employees
As for scalability, I think it is a bit limited. We did a sizing exercise before the purchase. But that was just to fit our current needs. There was no room for having an option to upgrade the device. The only option that we have if we are grow in the near future, is to go for another model with higher specs, which is actually more expensive. In other words it doesn't have that modularity feature. View full review »
Senior IT Infrastructure Solutions Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I don't think this applies in our own case because we just bought the medium-range box, so it's adequate for our needs. View full review »
Zaher EL Bsat
‎Chief Operating Officer at Al Manar
The solution is scalable. Sophos has plans for customers who want to upgrade or add another appliance in the same environment. As a customer, I've deployed to as many as 300 users or as few as 30. View full review »
Wael Nasr
Information security specialist at a non-tech company with 201-500 employees
The scalability is good. We could only handle around 5,000 users but even when we reached 3,000 users, Sophos only consumed around 24% and 40% of Prime usage. View full review »
Lead Advance Engineer at IHCC
The scalability is good. We have 300 to 400 antivirus end users, and our company has around 1,000 users. We do have plans to increase usage because we are growing our projects around the world to countries like the US, Germany, Pakistan, India, UAE (Dubai) and Egypt. View full review »
Support Services Manager at a wholesaler/distributor with 51-200 employees
We haven't had to scale anything so far, so I'm unsure about the scalability of the solution. View full review »
Mr with 51-200 employees
This is a little bit of a challenge. Scalability is one issue with the hardware device and hardware files. Any kind of hardware file which has been delivered has been a challenge. View full review »
Ivanildo Teixeira Galvão
Consultant Information Technology at a tech company with 51-200 employees
No scalability issues. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Sophos, Fortinet, pfSense and others in Firewalls. Updated: November 2019.
379,241 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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