Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Room for Improvement

Terry Watts
Software Developer at RowdenSoftwareSolutions Ltd.
It is a good affordable that is actively evolving, I think the modeling of activity diagrams could be optimized - currently, they insist on you specifying whether a connector is a control flow or an object flow for instance. It is a minor point, but since this sort of diagram is popular in that it affords both the chance to effectively constrain the model whilst leaving freedom for the next stage in the dev process - which key in good design then it should a high priority to optimize this rather than waste resources unnecessary 'bells and whistles'? There are several little things they could and should optimize. But the platform is good and could be the base a whole tranch or really useful features. for example: to be able to easily run code set up in unit tests to reverse engineer specific code blocks to yield sequence/activity diagrams, would be really useful when as a contractor you have to 'firefight' the design from the code. Personally I would like to see the database normalized better. It's really just a data dump whose business rules are contained in the front end client code - it is way way way off 3nf. Because its easy to create diagrams one needs to be vigilant on the housekeeping of orphaned fragments - I have written my own scripts to do this, may they are available now. I don't make much use of the traceability Matrix, yet that should be a feature that I should use if I could see it made it easy to ensure the traceability of ALL the design to the code (completeness) However, it works. It’s good to use and it’s affordable for a single contractor. It has REALLY helped me. It is a good product and I am sure it will only continue to improve. View full review »
Marc Lampron
Conseiller principal en architecture d’entreprise et de solution at Cronomagic Canada
Even if there are web-based tools in the Enterprise Architecture tool ecosystem (like Prolaborate), the main modeling application is still a fat client application. For some organizations, it is still a concern and a significant disqualification criterion for adoption. The capability to model and analyze while maintaining coherent traceability within different variants (variations or versions) of a future architecture has been greatly enhanced in the recent versions of Enterprise Architect. It requires a very mature, systemic, and methodic approach that is not easy to grasp for junior modelers. View full review »
Business Owner at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
The solution is difficult to learn. The documentation needs a bit of improvement. What I find is that when I'm trying to do something specific for some part of a project, in terms of documentation, it's kind of hard to get at figuring out if you don't use it all the time. It's hard, because it's such a massive tool, to figure out how to dig in and to get to the place you need to go. The documentation would give you some idea of what to do. There's just not a lot of examples that are fully baked that I'm aware of. The user interface is difficult, however, it was going to be difficult anyway, because of all the things we have to do when we're doing design and trying to figure out use cases and stuff like that. What I'm getting at is more tutorials are needed. You should be able to just to pick it up and say, okay, for this kind of thing, I'm going to go through this tutorial step by step and get it completed. And I don't see that as an option for getting to know the solution. View full review »
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Endre Domiczi
Owner & CEO at mentorITe
The platform has support for Windows and Mac, but not Linux. It would be nice to have it supported on the Linux operating system. The product is quite heavyweight, but if you want to do many things with it, it's like a Swiss Army Knife. If they move in the direction of a cloud-based version then I think it is a good idea because people do not want to install so much software. I have seen it with several IDEs, where it is easier to use cloud versions instead of keeping local versions up to date. View full review »
Business Owner at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
The product is good. When I'm trying to do something specific for a part of project documentation, it's hard to get it figured out if you don't use it all the time. It's such a massive tool, it's hard to figure out how to dig in and get to the documentation where you have to be to get some idea of what to do. There are not a lot of examples that I'm aware of to be able to do that. The user interface is going to be difficult because of all the things we have to do when we're doing design and trying to figure out use cases and stuff like that. Tutorials would really help out where you could just start to pick it up and say, "Okay, for this kind of thing, I'm going to go through this tutorial step by step and get it completed." They don't have that. There's nothing wrong with the tool. It's how to use it. View full review »
Software Engineer / Application Developer & Systems Engineer at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Many items are not actually handy, I would say. Many things which should be working - regarding some techniques - are not working and seem to be buggy. Recently, I was trying to perform a task and I was thinking about getting in touch with Sparx about it. However, I started with confirming my concerns with colleagues, and now I would like to somehow report it to Sparx and ask them if the way the task is being handled a bug or feature. For example, there seems to be inheritance between blocks. I know inheritance from programming, and I checked that this mechanism is still working in MagicDrawer. However, it's not working in Enterprise Architect almost at all. Some things which should be inherited are not inherited, or if they are inherited after, let's say, deleting the inheritance dependency that still remains in the target block. It is not logical, at least for a programmer. The solution needs to offer better support for the mobile-based system. Right now, it's not working. View full review »
IT Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is okay. I don't see anything that can be improved at the moment. For me it's perfect. There used to be that feature in ArchiMate Modeling of Enterprise Architect called inherited relationships. The tool used to be equipped with this functionality of showing those relationships and now it's gone. It would be nice if it comes back. I would like to see Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect more user-friendly and intuitive. This would be great. The product is okay for the experienced user, but for the entry-level people, it's somehow hard. They cannot start without one hour of introductory training. View full review »
Muhammad Ashfaq
IM Consultant at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
For data modeling, it is not very mature when comparing with other data modeling tools. In terms of the workflows, we were initially thinking of having something automated where you have the options to check-in and check-out your data models. This would mean that you can get your data modeling changes reviewed by some of the team members. The option to check-in and check-out option is not available in this tool. We are doing the steps manually to run the workflow that we defined. Even with the changes that the other team members will make, the owners of these respective areas will have to manually identify those changes and then merge them back to the enterprise models. That is what is lacking with this solution, that we have seen so far. In the next release, I would like to see an automated way to check-in and check-out your data models and with the review process, where multiple people can make changes to a model, and with the workflow, everything will be automated where the data models can request someone to review the modifications. This would be everything that is needed in the next release. View full review »
FileMaker Developer, Agile Software Quality Analyst, Consultant, Trainer & UML / BPMN Modeller at ICONIX
The Business Process Modeling or BPM feature can be improved to make it more interactive and user friendly because it is a tool for technical people. My current use is only for business process modeling notation and putting in the icons etc. You need to take them in as a class, which makes things very complex. Because of this complexity, it is not an easy-to-handle solution. Enterprise Architect is not very good for mockups. We cannot create user screens and other similar kinds of stuff, which is bad. For these things, we prefer to use Axure RP and other similar solutions. They should either remove this feature from this product or provide some kind of connectivity with Axure RP so that people can do better mockups of screens and import them. They need to augment and strengthen the BPM feature, which is the main feature. They need to put in some elements like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. They should look into such features because these things are coming up. View full review »
Process specialist at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The interface is not as fancy as it is in some other software solutions. Some of the features may be fine but I prefer a different type of interface. Sometimes, it's difficult to read the text when you are presenting. The text is not very large or easy to read. It needs a zooming option. The user interface could be better, it needs improvement. This solution has some limitations from a business perspective. In the next release, I would like to see multi-language support. View full review »
Enterprise Architect at a music company
Their business model does not include consulting services but this can be a weakness in some cases. Companies that include or even highlight the consulting arm of their companies can easily create a situation in which the on site staff become dependent on the vendor consultants and are unable to progress without them. Knowing which button to select or which icon to click on is one thing but understanding how a tools like this fits in to the overall methodology takes an in company investment in integrating the tools and software process. I've worked for most of the big name vendors and I know first hand that the only real way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and start using the tool on a regular basis. Training and instruction are very available for Sparx via webinars, videos, pdfs, whitepapers and email support which I have always found to be first rate. One cannot use these tools using the cup o soup paradyme, "just add hot water". If you want that , stick with Visio, View full review »
Process Architect at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Using EA involves a steep learning curve if you want to understand its capabilities and functionality. Providing more detailed information about how to configure and adapt EA for consumption by users with less technical knowledge or experience would be helpful. Plus, provide online training that covers the basics of as well as more advanced topics. An introduction on how to do the basic configuration for the non-technical users would also be of benefit. View full review »
Mbuso Khanyile
Head of Business Analysis and Enterprise Architect at a tech services company
I think that collaboration can be better. It isn't bad but it can be improved. It would be nice if you can have interaction with other users, in a community of some sort, where you can have a discussion and frequently asked questions. It would be best if you don't have to send a text and wait for a measurable time before getting a response. Some of the attributes do not exist for models, and you have to customize in order to have them. They are supposed to be standard attributes. The entire interface can be improved. View full review »
Enterprise Architect, Coach and Owner at a consultancy with 1-10 employees
The documentation could be better. Where I work, we speak French and we don't speak English, so we don't have anything in French. It's perfect in English, but we need something in French. View full review »
Enterprise Architect at Teranet Inc.
I think the solution could be improved visually. It's not as visually appealing as other solutions. There is a difference between being focused on a technical audience or a business audience. A business audience requires a greater effort and good visuals. Integrations with SharePoint, for example, could be beneficial. If you are using on-premise installation, the sharing of your artifacts with people that don't have a license, can be somewhat complicated. View full review »
Charles England
Solutions Architect at NT Health
* Documentation generation needs significant improvement. * More rigorous support of the ArchiMate rules would be a great improvement. View full review »
Ken Sayers
Senior Systems Engineer at Elbit Systems Australia
This solution should have better ease of use for the uninitiated. View full review »
Senior Technology Architect at BearingPoint
Look and feel. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: December 2020.
456,249 professionals have used our research since 2012.