Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Room for Improvement

Sales Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
The problem becomes the price, as Splunk is an expensive product. In some regards, it's not a large issue because when you compare apples to apples and not look only into the price tag, but, look at the infrastructure, the platform, office time, and the people that you need to operate the other products, you will see that it's not necessarily an expensive product. It may even be cheaper than the others when looking at the bigger picture. View full review »
Director INTS IT Resiliency at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Something that we did find with the product (they may have resolved since then), had to do with the ability to contextualize the data sources. For example, we might bring in data for 50 applications from one source, but for each one of those applications, we would have to set up a different data source connection. Because of this, I had to set up one connection each for application A and then B and then C, rather than being able to set up one connection and then segregate the data coming in for those dashboards. That was probably the biggest challenge that we faced. We also faced challenges relating to UI development — being able to get the UI the way we wanted it to look performance-wise. Some of the customization levels of the UI just weren't there. View full review »
IT Operations Manager at 3M Company
ITSI could benefit from a security model that would allow operations team members to get involved in model building, KPI implementation, and model maintenance while maintaining appropriate segregation of duties. To date, all of our ITSI development is being done by our Splunk Admins, while our KPIs and much of the modeling work are managed by our Splunk developers. Future development of templates and ready to use add-ons could facilitate faster time to value, as many IT infra and even Packaged Application data models are consistent across organizations and could be plugged in easily. View full review »
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