Spring Boot Room for Improvement

Enterprise Solutions Architect / Big Data Architect at a security firm with 51-200 employees
I'm not one who is really obsessed with Spring Boot. It's a tool. But at the same time, I would rather use other things like a BPMN engine to do the work because Spring Boot is lacking visibility in terms of how that business process or business rule would look within your application. Because everything has been embedded within the code itself, it disables the visibility and the ability to maintain or even support a specific functionality in a user-friendly manner, where a developer can come up and just adjust that part of that process. I'd rather go for a BPMN tool or engine that will reduce development time, rather than spending the whole time writing a tiny function for linking activities or tasks together. I would rather use a BPMN engine just to focus on the business link and, at the same time, to have that type of visibility and agility, not to mention, of course, the consistency between consumer processes and the business ability. View full review »
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