SSIS Scalability

Senior BI Developer at a music company with 501-1,000 employees
The scalability is fairly good. I've used it from very, very small instances to two very large ones, where we're moving large quantities of data on a daily basis. The actual tool itself, in a sense of transformations, your ability to pick and look up and do certain things is fairly good. Scalability, you can either have it on the same server as the database or you can move it onto its own server. It just depends on the situation. If you've got a heavy load on the database during the day and you're doing SSIS then you have the option to separate them. But as in our case, which is a data warehouse, you can keep them on the same server because you're getting a lot of your batch processes overnight. So, most of the resources are being used by SSIS. Then during the day, you have the users using the database server for reporting or data capture or data inserts and data updates. Our users for this solution are primarily BI developers, and we have twenty to twenty-five of them, mostly offshore. If we grow here then we'll need more SSIS servers, or we'll get bigger boxes. At the moment, I think that we're where we need to be, and I don't have any plans moving forward at this stage. View full review »
Data Scientist at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
In the catalog, it's supposed to be scalable. I think that it has support for an SQL cluster. In my opinion, I think it's a bit more limited in terms of scalability, although it scales with the database. I would say that the scalability is intermediate in terms of being able to launch multiple instances, or it could do load balancing as well. I think that would be a bit more challenging. View full review »
Database Consultant
The solution is very scalable. A client contacted me two months after deployment with a request to enlarge the services and add some more customization, which I managed to do easily. It's an enterprise-level solution, with the whole of Saudi Arabia using it for something called an E-Visa. People are applying for a visa to get into Saudi Arabia through this application. The number of users is quite high and worldwide. View full review »
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Alireza Nikseresht
CEO at Shiraz University
The solution is scalable. View full review »
Platform Lead: Global Markets Data Analytics at Rand Merchant Bank
In terms of scalability, we haven't tried big data because in our enterprise we have to use Informatica to connect to the dedupe. I can't say how well it reads with the file, but we've never had an issue. However, I can't speak to scalability because we're never really, really big data. View full review »
Founding Partner at Altdata Analytics
The solution is very scalable. We have approximately 25-30 users for the on-premises version, and our cloud version has around 5,000 users. View full review »
Sherif Abdelrehim
Data Architect and Modeler at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
This solution is scalable. The number of people I have using this solution depends on the size of the project. Normally, I need three to five ETL developers. Sometimes, if the project is big enough, then I will need more. View full review »
BI Consultant at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
From personal experience, I really can't comment on the scalability, but from what I've seen online, and what I heard from other people is that it scales quite nicely. View full review »
Brian Dandeneau
Lead Consultant at Applied Governance
SSIS is good for smaller shops that don't really have a high volume of data. View full review »
Technical Product Owner, Team Lead at ARCA
The scalability of SSIS is very good. Right now, only I am using the solution, but we plan to increase usage in the future. View full review »
Executive Director and Co-Founder at 7Spring Consult
Right now we're working with Azure, and it's scalable, but it's expensive to do so. If we had features to scale the software part of the solution, it would be great. View full review »
Igor Smirnov
Director at Netica d.o.o.
The solution is very scalable. The amount of people that use SSIS from our end depends on the project, so it varies. We increase the usage of this product based on the projects that we get. Basically, each project that we do, we use this solution for integration purposes. View full review »
Software Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Compared to other solutions, this solution is scalable. We only have three users using this solution. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Microsoft, Informatica, Oracle and others in Data Integration Tools. Updated: March 2020.
407,538 professionals have used our research since 2012.