SSIS Valuable Features

Senior BI Developer at a music company with 501-1,000 employees
We use everything in this solution, including a third party component called COZYROC. We try to explore and use this product to its fullest. View full review »
Data Scientist at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
I have used most of the standard SQL features, but the ones that stand out are the Data Flows and Bulk Import. View full review »
Database Consultant
I like that the data connections and all ODB connections are able to retrieve data from so many different databases. That's not only from SQL but also from other data sources as well. The data flow, which controls the data, including where to store it, is an excellent feature and is one of the most interesting points about SQL Integration Services. The reporting on the solution is perfect. I didn't expect to see reporting features, but they are great. View full review »
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Alireza Nikseresht
CEO at Shiraz University
Usually, when I want to import data from other databases I use this solution. It's been about fifteen years that I've worked with an SQL server, and I'm a software developer. I've had many companies with different databases, and it's ranged from FoxPro, EDX and Oracle, and some other databases. When I want to import data I usually use this tool for importing data from the other databases to the server. It is really good, and it's solved many problems for me because I can choose the source table, destination table, source field, and destination field. I can match these things, I can write some queries to do this and because of that, I use this tool. View full review »
Platform Lead: Global Markets Data Analytics at Rand Merchant Bank
Its compatibility with Microsoft products has been very valuable to our company. It fits well within the architecture. The interface is also very good. If users are familiar with Microsoft, then they'll be quite familiar with the interface. View full review »
Muhammad Arif Javed
Senior Manager Software Development at Techlogix
Script task and Script component for custom tasks: It gives you power to build your own logic if your requirements are not being fulfilled with existing available components. While the big thing is you can build your own components, that is not so straightforward. It's visual design interface is good and you can easily understand the flow. The debugging capabilities are great, particularly during data flow execution. You can look into the data and see what's going on in the pipeline. It has good logging capabilities as well. View full review »
Founding Partner at Altdata Analytics
With this solution, there is the potential to expand so that you can immediately write code onto the SQL server. Auto-parallelization is also critical for us. It decides automatically how many parallel sessions you have to run to get your query handled. You don't need to take care of any code, which is ideal. It's also highly scalable. View full review »
BI Consultant at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
It has a drag and drop feature that makes it easy to use. It has a good user experience because it takes into account your most-used tools and they're lined up nicely so you can just drag and drop without looking too far. It also integrates nicely with Microsoft. View full review »
Brian Dandeneau
Business Process and Strategy Specialist Advisor at NTTData
The packaging and how it is organized is good for someone that really has never seen ETL before. View full review »
Technical Product Owner, Team Lead at ARCA
I couldn't point out a specific feature above all others, but I can say the solution is very useful to us. It's well designed and quite straightforward. There isn't much of a learning curve involved. It's a well-documented solution. View full review »
Sasidhar Parupudi
Principle Consultant at Keyrus South Africa
The most valuable features for our company are the flexibility and the quick turn around time in producing simple ETL solutions. Also, the use of the configuration on Azure. Our clients are basically secret sever based, so it works well there. View full review »
Executive Director and Co-Founder at 7Spring Consult
The simplicity of the solution is great. The solution also offers excellent integration. View full review »
Igor Smirnov
Director at Netica d.o.o.
The workflow features have been very valuable. You can have automated workflows and all the steps are controlled. The workflow functionality of integration services is excellent. View full review »
Software Developer at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It has good data integration and good processes. View full review »
BI and Report Development Technician at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
There are many good features in this solution including the data fields, database integration, support for SQL views, and the lookups for matching information. View full review »
Bob Amy
Sr. Architect - Data warehousing & BI at Molina Healthcare, Inc.
The most valuable features of this solution are the fast insert and fuzzy logic matching. View full review »
Steve Seeber
Senior Director Business Intelligence at Xtivia
The most valuable features are the relatively short learning curve, and the automation capabilities provided through the BIML add-in for SSDT. View full review »
Big Data Architect, Integration Specialist at Groundswell Group Inc
This solution is easy to implement, has a wide variety of connectors, has support for Visual Basic, and supports the C language. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about SSIS. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
438,944 professionals have used our research since 2012.