StarWind HyperConverged Appliance Hardware Footprint

What is your impression of the solution’s hardware footprint?

Kristopher Skully
Systems Administrator at Hospice of the Western Reserve
The solution's hardware footprint is great. We have three 1U servers, a total of 3U, and that's replacing a full rack of stuff.
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David Rager
CEO CIO at Store & Haul Inc
The hardware footprint's size is good. They use Dell EMC boxes for the appliances. They're pretty standard for the industry, as far as servers go. I think they're good.
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Claire Madison
IT Manager at Projects Inc.
The hardware footprint is perfect. It fits in our rack perfectly and we were able to condense a lot of physical servers we had. It has greatly eliminated the excess amount of stuff in our server rack. The footprint is completely acceptable.
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Interim CTO at Royal Koopmans
I only have three nodes, so the footprint is very small, yet I can provide all the IT services that the company requires, including a very demanding ERP system. It would fit in a half-rack if you put everything in one place. But of course, it's high-availability, so you have to spread it between locations. But the footprint is really small.
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Owner at Data Barn
The hardware footprint is great. We've got two 2U servers which replaced four 2U servers. Granted, they were about three years old at that point, but we actually increased our processing capacity by about 50 percent while keeping our storage capacity about the same. We've actually been able to downgrade to a half rack from a full rack because we've gotten rid of some of our network equipment and some of our additional storage arrays. And the fact that that's all contained within 4Us of space is a complete 180 from the strategy we had before, which was four processing units and a few storage arrays. It's cut down on the amount of cabling we have to deal with by about 80 percent, so it's been a pretty big deal for the data center on the physical side of things.
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Ross Bullock
IT Manager at Bonitas Trust
In terms of the solution's hardware footprint, it's very scalable.
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