StarWind HyperConverged Appliance Redundancy/Failover

Has the solution helped increase redundancy and/or failover capabilities? If yes, please describe.

Kristopher Skully
Systems Administrator at Hospice of the Western Reserve
The solution hasn't helped increase redundancy or failover capabilities because we had layered the virtual SAN on top of our old environment. Although it will next year when we place our Hyper-V cluster in a different location which doesn't have that layer of redundancy.
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Claire Madison
IT Manager at Projects Inc.
In terms of redundancy, we were completely physical before we brought these units in. We had no virtual infrastructure at all. In addition to that, nothing was redundant. These really helped to give us some form of redundancy in a pretty compact package. With a lot of hyperconverged units, you need at least three of them, sometimes four of them. One thing that was attractive with StarWind was to get it in two units that communicate directly. It is a pretty self-maintained hyperconverged appliance. That was something that was really appealing.
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Interim CTO at Royal Koopmans
The fact that it has helped increase the redundancy and failover capabilities is implicit. It's a hyperconverged solution. It's all-inclusive. It runs all the time and the technology takes care of failures. It works as it should.
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Owner at Data Barn
In addition, StarWind HCA has increased redundancy for us. Early on, just a couple of months into the tenancy, we had a pretty major hardware issue with one of the hosts, to the point where it was rebooting a few times a day. That was actually all Dell EMC's fault and had nothing to do with StarWind. Even with that host going up and down several times a day, there was only a little bit of inconvenience during the lag time when a live migration occurred from one server to the other, and we were up and running that entire time. We didn't incur any direct downtime over the course of a week-and-a-half where, literally, 50 percent of our processing units were going down three or four times a day. As frustrating as that experience was, it really helped strengthen my faith in StarWind solutions.
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