StarWind HyperConverged Appliance Saved Money

Has the solution saved your organization money? If yes, how much?

Kristopher Skully
Systems Administrator at Hospice of the Western Reserve
It has saved us money on the normal support renewal costs... The other solutions we looked at mostly required 10-gig switches to interconnect all of them, whereas the StarWind solution interconnects directly between the nodes and doesn't require a 10-gig switch. That probably saved us $10,000 to $20,000 right there.
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David Rager
CEO CIO at Store & Haul Inc
It's too early to say whether or not this solution will save our company money. Right now, I very much think it's going to. Even if I were to have one substantial instance of downtime - if I were to just build it out on a regular host and the host went down and I had to spin up another host and bring up backups, etc. That downtime, right there, would be significant money lost.
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Interim CTO at Royal Koopmans
The solution has also saved us money.
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Owner at Data Barn
If I'm saving some 50 percent of my troubleshooting and hardware support time, we're probably saving, as a rough ballpark figure, $10,000 a year to have a hardware architect available.
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