StorPool Benefits

Operations Director at Kualo Limited
Since deploying StorPool, we have experienced no unplanned outages or performance issues. Our technical and engineering teams no longer live in a permanent state of high alert due to storage outages or throughput degradation due to ‘hot spots’ and as a result have more time to devote to other endeavours. Our sales team is now confident to design solutions involving our cloud product because we're confident with the stability of the storage which underpins everything on the platform. View full review »
Maria Rochkova
Head of IT Services Operations Center at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees
We started our platform with ordinary storage solutions, but they led us to many problems that took a lot of time to debug and resolve. Since implementing StorPool we have not had any downtime. We have high-performance storage that we can expand if needed. We can also provide custom solutions, based on StorPool, that work for our clients. StorPool software is also cost-effective and gives us a pricing advantage over our competitors. View full review »
Ivailo Nikolov
With StorPool we were able to build live failover on top of our LXC infrastructure. This allows us both to live-migrate containers between compute nodes without any downtime and, in case of an entire node suffering any type of failure, we can bring all containers back online within a minute on a spare compute node. View full review »
CEO at a tech vendor
The two 10GE networks provide redundancy and increased performance as they serve as two separate networks doubling the throughput and doing multipathing and load balancing. We now have a high performance shared storage system which enables us to run on private cloud. Our previous system used bare-metal hardware, which provided high performance but inflexible management. Now we have best of both worlds, SSD-class performance with flexibility of a private cloud system. View full review »
Simeon Glabadanidis
Account Manager at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
Using StorPool we had about 15% increase in our gross margin and that is huge for a service provider. At the same time we increased the performance significantly. That’s really a major change. View full review »
Richard Lingsch
President at eApps Hosting
We now deliver all-flash performance and improved uptime with an SSD-based shared storage system. The reliability was increased due to the resilience and quality of StorPool. View full review »
Nghia Than
CEO & Founder at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
In the past, if the server had problems, our system administrators had to go to the datacenter to fix and repair the hardware, the downtime increased even more. Nowadays, the whole sys admin team can work remotely and just start VPS on another spare dedicated server in datacenter with less downtime to our traditional VPS services. View full review »
From a commercial perspective, aſter adopting StorPool we’ve been able to achieve a much more efficient fabric that’s allowing us to sell more services on the same hardware. View full review »
Richard Lingsch
President at eApps Hosting
Due to the reliability of StorPool and the high level of support by StorPool staff, we expect to spend less system admin time to run and operate the solution. This will allow our technical staff to focus on other duties and projects. View full review »

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