StorPool Primary Use Case

Maria Rochkova
Head of IT Services Operations Center at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees
We started our cloud platform almost six years ago with OnApp. At that time, software defined storage was only a dream and we were forced to use traditional SAN. We were focused on performance, stability, and the possibility of expanding storage without changing hardware or buying new equipment. StorPool gave us all of these: unbeatable performance from our cloud service, low latency, and great support. Our customers are more than happy with the quality of our cloud platform and we are more than happy with StorPool storage. View full review »
Ivailo Nikolov
We needed a distributed storage system to provide high-available solutions to our customers as well as to add a redundancy layer to our hosting infrastructure. Due to the high level of service we're offering and the high level of resource demands, we also needed the distributed storage system to be at least as fast as local SSD storage. View full review »
CEO at a tech vendor
As we needed an all-SSD level of performance, StorPool implemented its SSD-Hybrid system, which keeps a full copy of data on SSD and redundant copies on HDDs to get the best of both - hundreds of thousands of IOPS and lower cost. View full review »
Richard Lingsch
President at eApps Hosting
We initially started using StorPool at three locations with a capacity of 250+ TB. By implementing StorPool, we managed to increase both our gross margins and performance, while decreasing the latency to 0.19-0.26 ms up to 125,000 IOPS. View full review »
We have 12 active locations around the world and a number of new locations in development, which makes our case more complex. We were looking for flexibility in the deployment model, allowing us to tailor the storage solution to the specific requirements of every location. StorPool’s storage solution integrated seamlessly with the networking and computing pieces. For instance, in Zurich, our largest cloud, StorPool was deployed in a semi-converged setup which combines converged all-SSD nodes (running both applications and storage) with separate storage-only HDD nodes. In other locations where the power density is lower, the optimal setup is different and in that case a fully converged setup is used. We are very happy and can finally say that the collaboration that we have had with StorPool has been excellent. We’ve been very happy with the reactions of the operational team both in terms of managing the solution and expanding it, but also in terms of dealing with issues and working together. We found StorPool to be a great partner in terms of our service delivery. View full review »

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