Sumo Logic Valuable Features

Pranesh Vittal
Associate Director - Database & DevOps at Medlife
There are a lot of things we like about this product. One is the log aggregation. It basically gives a list of matching patterns on most of the logs. When dealing with something like live error messages etc., you can group by similarities. That way it is very easy to know where things are in real-time. It has helped us in terms of doing a top-down debugging. If, for example, you see a certain error message or an exception, then you double click to see where exactly it has affected the system. That way, at every stage you are able to go one level deeper until you find the root cause, through the logs or by other means. This is something which I find it really helpful. There are other ways within a window you can search as well. You can find out what happened one or two days before or one or two minutes before this message. It helps you follow a trail of events that will lead you to a particular state. Users can also do a comparison with regard to the filing. Let's say, for example, you see a certain error come up today, and if you are interested in how was it yesterday or the day before, or maybe 17 days ago, you can take a look. This is one of the features that I found really helpful. The solution offers capture host metrics as well. Basically it could be the RAM utilization, CPU, or pretty much everything around the host, including the health of the host. That also comes in handy when we are debugging. View full review »
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