SwiftStack Stability

Jim Merritt
Enterprise Architect at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
When we first deployed, we had a few issues. SwiftStack is based on OpenStack Swift, and this is where I love the SwiftStack support. There were, initially, some bugs in the code, and I would work with their support staff, literally all night long, and within two days we'd have a code fix. So we did have some stability issues early on, two-plus years ago. Over the past couple years, there have not been a lot of stability issues at all, and that includes my doing really silly things with the deployment; either a mistake in configuration or doing something that, on paper, seemed right but wasn't. Even that was so easy to recover from. I've never lost any data at all through any of it. We've had nodes go offline. We've had some pretty crazy stuff happen, and I'm extremely impressed. We've never lost any of it. View full review »
Scientific Information Officer at a consultancy with 201-500 employees
The stability has been great. We have seen good performance. Right now, we are somewhat hamstrung by the network that we're on. It's the data center and network that we're on at the moment. We have been happy with SwiftStack's performance, but there's probably more upside that we're not seeing yet. As long as the stability is there on the platform, it allows us to compete the hardware vendors against each other because it doesn't all have to be homogeneous. E.g., maybe Dell has a great system this year and we have a Dell EMC system, but then next year, we find out that Super Micro has the best bang for the buck. Now, we have Dell EMC and Super Micro in the same cluster providing resources. That it doesn't have to be an all in one brand vendor is a tremendous benefit. View full review »
Head of Cloud Operations at a tech vendor
I don't think we've had any downtime since we brought it up a couple of years ago. View full review »
Chris Gatch
Chief Technology Officer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
So far, stability has been good. We haven't really had any major stability issues. The performance is good. It is a secondary storage platform designed for archive and backup, so performance for the right use cases is very good. We have been pretty happy in that regard. View full review »
Nirbhay Tomar
Software Engineer 3, Cloud Engineering at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
No issues encountered. View full review »

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