Symantec Endpoint Protection Room for Improvement

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Pablo Dewes
Senior Technical Consultant (SE and Strategic Project Manager) - Email Fraud Protection - LATAM at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
Reports: It would be nice to have customized reports integrated on the main console with no additional DB server or BI server. Vulnerabilities: A vulnerability scan integrated with SEP would be important for the admin to understand the risk level they are facing and how to protect themselves... Reports: SEP has built-in, on the console, many pre-configured reports however, in a complexed environment, customers may would need customized reports other than already provided by the console. In this case, it´s possible to achieve them using an external data base and server. It would be nice have a possibility to create customized reports without an external server and data base, on the same SEP Admin console. Vulnerabilities: It would be nice have on the SEP Admin console a feature to measure the environment risk level using an OS and application vulnerability scan where the administrator can analyze the risk, mitigate the main risks, prioritized them and, over a Path Manager, correct them if possible. View full review »
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Laeeq Ahmed
IT Security Lead at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I am happy to say that the Symantec comes into the picture where the issues are reported from the product, it might be a product bug or it might be a product defect. The product engineer works on this and the latest upgrade has it built into the peer cost, where we can upgrade our involvement and support our clients again. So, we were having a problem in Version 14, where the client machines used to go into the health state and once it restarted, and never came back again. But as far as one of the defaults, this was reported and not an issue in new versions of Symantec 14 and SEMP 2. Apparently, this is works well for now, and we are happy with this. View full review »
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Praharsh Bhandari
Senior Security Administrator at a tech services company
As an Endpoint Security Expert, I have worked on multiple anti-virus solutions of different vendors. They are turning the table in market. There are many ways in which I see Symantec overshadowing the same in near future. The deployment mechanism needs work. There are various vendors who have been coming up with endpoint agents as small as size of a delta definition. There are various options and tweaking which can help save the administrators a lot of effort, such as: * Multi-domain policy options for exceptions and global blocks * Deploying intelligent updates remotely * Deleting AV cache remotely * More versatile dashboard with more custom add-ons to monitor infra. I see Symantec as being late in releasing certified definitions for the same day while other vendors are lightning fast. I would like to see a GUP monitoring tool being supported. View full review »
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Network administrator at Suez Canal Insurance
I would like to see improvements in the anti-virus and the device control features. Anti-Virus: I would like to see Symantec improve the ant-virus to stop and detect Ransomware and email attachments. Symantec is weak with Ransomware. I would like to see the anti-spam for Outlook improve the scanning and blocking of attachments. Device control: I would like to see an improvement in the USB control, because it sometimes creates a conflict with USB printers. View full review »
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Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
There was an administrative feature, which was available in the previous version, which has been removed. We would like that feature to be added again, because it helps the customer in many ways, and it's a very user-friendly feature. View full review »
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Ilker Ozturk
Systems Project Manager at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
The management of the server is a bit complex. It takes time get used to it. When upgrading the software for clients, you have to link the upgrade package to every sub-folder, and there is no inheritance. View full review »
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Sudeep Amalkar
Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
It's a nice product. I think Symantec should work more precisely on minimizing database size and the live update size. View full review »
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Fernando Ezequiel
Information Security Manager at a energy/utilities company with 201-500 employees
SEP could improve on virus detection, specially on Zero-Day threats. View full review »
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Fernando Ezequiel Salvador
Information Security Manager at a logistics company with 1,001-5,000 employees
SEP can improve on virus detection, especially on zero-day threats. View full review »
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Arshad Mohammad Khan
Security Consultant at Accenture
They should work on making the virus definition file lighter. View full review »
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Responsable de Infraestructura at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
The custom reporting and real-time monitoring (the customizable dashboard) need improvement. View full review »
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Shahbaz Ahmed
IT Security Engineer at Biztronz
Administration, agent stability, and health. View full review »
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Senior Consultant - Infrastrute at a tech services company
* Reporting without Altiris should be improved. * More cloud-based functionality, but that seems happening going forward. * It should have hypervisor level AV protection for VMs, so you do not need a client on the systems. View full review »
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Francisco Cacho
Director of Information Technology at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Software distribution to the organization and the admin console. View full review »
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Owner at David Strom Inc.
The reputation system relies on having a constant Internet connection for its operations. View full review »
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Alvaro Mejia
* Machine Learning * Reports * Linux updates View full review »

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