SysAid Room for Improvement

Uday Madasu
CIO at Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services
We would like them to approve the security functionalities, e.g., management security features. Currently, the way society is set up in our agency is that we only have two roles. There is either end user roles, where an end user can submit requests for help and incidents, then they can see the status of what is going on with them. We also have what are called system administrators. These are people who are providing the support, but there isn't any role based security. For example, if I could divvy up the security, I would like a staff role and a manager role, so a manager can look at all the different tickets that their staff has submitted and what the status is, as end users. For support people, I would like them to be able to figure out a way to separate out the support that is provided by the IT staff versus the facility staff, HR people, or finance people. Right now, we only have two roles: Either you are an end user, but then you can also be an office admin. This means the facilities people can see every ticket that is in the support queue, which is not great. This is an area where we would like much clearer, broader role based security from SysAid. View full review »
Cheryl Sobkow
Director of IT Support Services at University of Michigan School of Business
The Knowledge Base would be another area where I would look for growth in SysAid. It is very much a text-based article system, or you can do attachments. But I'd like to see it grow so that it is more graphical and has some additional tracking features. The Knowledge Base is a simple text editor. I'd like to have more formatting and be able to use more visual elements within the tool. One of the features that I'm hoping comes at some point is that currently you can only have one Knowledge Base instance within it. For me, it would be beneficial to have multiple instances for different purposes. I'd like to have a completely separate one for customers and the only way I can achieve that right now, where I can tag articles to only be viewed by customers, would be if I use its portal function. The portal function is not a function, at this time, that my organization would have any need to turn on. Because of that, I'm limited. I can't directly expose articles to customers. I'd like to see a little bit more development in that area where you're able to have segmentation of knowledge. The other aspect that I'd like to see is that, in the Knowledge Base and in the CMDB, I can't run reports into those entities. I can do it from the incidents and requests — and problem management, but we don't use that. So for the Knowledge Base and CMDB, I have to go into the dashboard for each one of those and use filters to get to the information that I want, and then I can export it. A nice feature and growth opportunity for SysAid would be to develop the reporting tool and link reporting capabilities to all the aspects within the total solution. View full review »
Tobias Raab
Group Head of IT at Tour Partner Group
We had quite a few requests in the past that were taken care of with the latest version that we're implementing at the moment. There are not so many left. On the old version we only had the option to introduce one helpdesk email address, so weÍ couldn't have more email addresses for various departments, IT and marketing, and finance, it was one email address. Now, we can add more. With the workflows and automation, weÍ can integrate into even more applications but we are on the implementation phase at the moment. So far, we're very happy with the new integration. The only thing that I would like to see is for them to improve asset management so that it's more usable. We looked at it once and we didn't find it quite usable for us. That's why we didn't use it. We haven't looked into the new one yet but the asset management is something that can be improved even more and patch management is not as good as it could be. View full review »
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Dave Joseph
Help Desk Administrator at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The administrative side of the user interface could be a little more user-friendly. It is easier for me to export our reports into Excel, then do a server retrieval and get the information. Whereas, to do a report, you have to go through a configuration type of process, which is kind of difficult and complicated. I have been using this solution for two years now and I still haven't gotten the hang of the reports. We did have a forum about a month ago, and they wanted to tie in how reports were generated. I think they are doing that now. It is cumbersome to provide customers a report. They could make it a bit easier, e.g., the same way that I can export the source data into Excel sheets. Because each ticket has categories or columns, I should be able to process that monthly data, then simply press on which feeds I want and pull stuff for that. That might be easier to do instead of the customizing which is going on with this interface. If you have IT hardware and IT networks, the reporting is set up to report each one individually, but combining them is kind of difficult. However, it is manageable and improving. When it comes to learning the application, it's complex. There are a lot of functionalities. The only training that they offer is a help option, where there is a document with multiple chapters. You can read it, but it is a lot to look at. We have spoken to them about training, but they don't do one-on-one. They only do in-class training for groups. However, for my company's personnel, you don't need to train a group. You just need to train one person. We just want to have some type of online training, not classroom training. For example, I did ITIL training online, which was not interactive. It has videos that I could go through, learn from, take exams and pass. I go through these all the time. I would like SysAid to improve on this help aspect and ideally be more flexible. View full review »
IT Director at Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology
The module of Knowledgebase should be definitely improved in the consideration of the impossibility of referring an article to a ticket. Also, the vendor should consider improving the obsolete admin portal. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about SysAid. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: May 2020.
431,790 professionals have used our research since 2012.