TeamViewer IT Support and Remote Workers

How does your IT support team and/or your remote workers use this solution? Please provide examples.

Dan Wilkening
Network Administrator at Parksite
It is mostly for the regular support, for anybody who is having issues with a machine.
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Jason Miller
Application Engineer at AirTies
We can get machines logged off and check statuses of what's going on a lot easier. Otherwise, you need to track things in the office or wait for someone to be online in Istanbul, which is a bit tough because Istanbul is eight hours ahead of us.
I've had coworkers who have done remote debugging. So, they ask a client to install TeamViewer so they can access their network from our office and help them troubleshoot problems in the field.
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Rich Mayo
Owner at Sensible Solutions Inc.
The company is me, my wife, and my sister. My wife does the administration and does the billings. She uses TeamViewer to view the connection logs and see what she should be charging. My sister uses it, as our Crystal Reports developer, to upload reports to the client, making sure that things are configured correctly and adjusting reports. She's remotely attaching with no intervention from the client's side. I do everything in between. I will phone the client, connect, do training remotely, remote support. I'll upload programs or do troubleshooting. I also do a blend of "guided," where the client is on the other end and is watching what I'm doing. I also use it after-hours where the client's not involved. It solves both of those things. We're a small organization, but it definitely serves our needs.
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IT Director at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
I have used it as a troubleshooting measure with remote people. With a quick glance at TeamViewer, we can say, "Hey, your machine is not reporting as being online or available. Therefore, check your Internet connection. Make sure you are connected to WiFi or Ethernet." Probably nine times out of ten, that's instantly what it is. We can instantly tell if computers are online or offline, then help in the troubleshooting process. We have set it up in such a way that IT will be on the call prior to the connection and that the person on the other end has to accept the connection. We want people to scrutinize and make sure that, "Okay, do I know this person? Why are they connecting?" and, they have to approve it. This is so they can recognize and be familiar with who we are . Also, the background changes to black, so they know when we are on their PC. Furthermore, we utilize two-factor authentication and other features for stricter security on the management side of TeamViewer.
We have some people who are on the road. TeamViewer is very convenient for us if they have problems. We are able to hop on their computer and help resolve those problems remotely. In those situations, it's good to get in there and be able to push files directly to the machine and work remotely that way.
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