TeamViewer Benefits

CFO/COO at swyMed Incorporated
The big benefit is that we can do things pretty quickly and easily, remotely. In many cases, we save a service visit to the field, which would otherwise require us to have a very large field service force or we would need to pay for and train somebody else's field service force. Quite literally, without TeamViewer's capabilities, we wouldn't be able to run our business. View full review »
John DeMillion
Director of IT at Chester County Intermediate Unit
Coming from LogMeIn, TeamViewer's remote control quality, Host reliability, file-transfer capabilities and ability to support multiple simultaneous controllers on a Host have been a great improvement. TeamViewer's simultaneous-controller/tech licensing is better for us than LogMeIn's device-based licensing, because we don't have to worry as much about maintaining devices in the list as a driver of licensing costs. View full review »
Rich Mayo
Owner at Sensible Solutions Inc.
With billing, when I initially started with TeamViewer, there was no automatic prompt for logging the details of the connection. Now, it has streamlined my process because every time I close a connection, there's an automatic window that pops up asking me what I've done. So immediately Joanne, who does the billing, is able to take that information and turn it into an invoice automatically, unless she has a question about it. It ensures that I'm capturing more of my work, so things don't get missed. It does that for me quite well. That feature is saving me one or two hours on a weekly basis, but it's also ensuring that I'm not missing any connections. If I had two hours of missed connections, I would miss $250, so it's ensuring that I'm billing that $250 a week that might otherwise get missed. View full review »
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Link Porterfield
Founding Member at
It saves trips to customer sites, which saves time. I am able to get in there remotely and fix things. Before having this tool, it involved having to touch the customer's PC, which required me to either talk to somebody on the phone through doing the process or go out to the customer's locations and install it myself. I can grant permission to my organization so a person must be signed into TeamViewer if they're a member of my organization in order to be able to access that machine. In the event that a customer needs access, I can go ahead and define a policy either at an individual machine level for an individual user that we create, or we could conversely say somebody in the company needs to access all machines, which is great. We can go ahead and add that user to the access policy for all machines, so it is definitely robust like that. View full review »
Dan Wilkening
Network Administrator at Parksite
It provides efficiency, even if it is something as simple as just maintenance, something that is broken, adding something, a walk-through, or doing training. It is a great tool. The remote connect process is super simple. As long as the user has an Internet connection and can get on the Internet somewhere, whether they are at home (on their WiFi), using portable Internet (Jetpack), or if they stop in a Starbucks to get on the Internet, I can connect to them. That is what is really convenient. It was worth the investment. You can do file transfers and video calls with it. You can do a lot of copy paste stuff. E.g., if I have a file and want to place it on somebody's machine, I can just copy it off of mine and paste it right on their machine. I don't have to put it in a Dropbox account and have them log into it to pull it off. I can do all that right through TeamViewer. When you are looking at the TeamViewer screen, you think you are working on your own machine. View full review »
Felician (Felix)Farcutiu
Technical Support for Commercial Theater Division at a media company with 51-200 employees
The sound and data transfer have improved the way our organization functions. For example, you can leave a TeamViewer application open and hear if a movie is playing with sound. With an image, you can see immediately what's going on. You can run some tests. Without the solution, you need to do everything by telephone. It's not even thinkable. You would need to have VPNs with a lot of connections and virtual servers. This is so much more complicated. Weekly, we are saving dozens of hours using TeamViewer. The remote connection process is pretty straightforward. Every new computer has a TeamViewer ID and password. View full review »
IT Director at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
I have used it as a troubleshooting measure with remote people. With a quick glance at TeamViewer, we can say, "Hey, your machine is not reporting as being online or available. Therefore, check your Internet connection. Make sure you are connected to WiFi or Ethernet." Probably nine times out of ten, that's instantly what it is. We can instantly tell if computers are online or offline, then help in the troubleshooting process. We have set it up in such a way that IT will be on the call prior to the connection and that the person on the other end has to accept the connection. We want people to scrutinize and make sure that, "Okay, do I know this person? Why are they connecting?" and, they have to approve it. This is so they can recognize and be familiar with who we are . Also, the background changes to black, so they know when we are on their PC. Furthermore, we utilize two-factor authentication and other features for stricter security on the management side of TeamViewer. View full review »
GIS Developer at a transportation company with 11-50 employees
It's smoother. It's faster. It stays on. It seems to have a really good connection and it's consistent. Once we got it for the company, the IT manager deployed it and started using it for technical support. He doesn't use it a whole lot, but when he does need it, it really helps him. He can get in there and see what problem another computer is having. View full review »
Jason Miller
Application Engineer at AirTies
We can get machines logged off and check statuses of what's going on a lot easier. Otherwise, you need to track things in the office or wait for someone to be online in Istanbul, which is a bit tough because Istanbul is eight hours ahead of us. I've had coworkers who have done remote debugging. So, they ask a client to install TeamViewer so they can access their network from our office and help them troubleshoot problems in the field. In these cases, it is more of a support type role offered. View full review »
Maintenance Supervisor at Atlanta Metropolitan State College
When I'm offsite and there is an HVAC problem, I can remote in and check out what's going on from anywhere. I don't have to be at the college to do it. It saves me driving time and the hassle of having to leave from wherever I'm at. I have actually accessed it while being on vacation and was several hundred miles away from the college. View full review »
Windows Server Administrator
It allows for quick, easy access to our remote sites. It increases our ability to troubleshoot, as needed, at critical times. In addition, some department managers have people split between sites. For example, part of operations is out here in Olathe, Kansas, and the other part is in Oklahoma. They're able to hold team meetings and present through the TeamViewer meeting sessions. The HR department is also able to hold meetings with the people here and those in other offices. View full review »
Tawanda Sibanda
Sponsorship at World Vision Zimbabwe
It's faster to connect remotely than to facilitate transportation of equipment for service. Besides, it saves the organization tons of money. View full review »
Joe Millon
Executive Director at netCorps
Our computers are spread amongst six physical locations. TeamViewer reduces the need to travel to those offices to help staff. View full review »
Avesh Meena
TeamViewer improved my business because I can help my customer directly from here in very less time. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about TeamViewer. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
430,905 professionals have used our research since 2012.