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John DeMillion
Director of IT at Chester County Intermediate Unit
We came to TeamViewer from LogMeIn and, before that, we had an older product called Timbuktu. LogMeIn's main issue that caused us to switch was that the Hosts would just randomly turn themselves off: the icon would grey out and the LogMeIn Control Panel would show that the Host was off. This of course disabled access to Hosts in a random and widespread manner, and troubleshooting with LogMeIn Support over the period of a year resulted in no fixes or workarounds, and it was causing enormous problems in our environment. LogMeIn also did not allow multiple controllers on a Host, had no file-transfer capabilities (in the affordable "LogMeIn Central" version that we licensed), was licensed based on the number of devices, and had annoyances with Control/Command-Tab mapping from Controller to Host. These weren't showstoppers, but they helped to push us elsewhere. View full review »
Rich Mayo
Owner at Sensible Solutions Inc.
Very briefly, in the first three weeks of the business, there was another tool that I used. Then I used TeamViewer and I've never stopped. I can't remember what that other tool was called. It was more of a standalone kind of product. It was cheaper than TeamViewer. I switched because TeamViewer was robust. I also felt safer. I was going to be installing the program at clients' places and I didn't want to introduce anything that might be difficult. It is easy to use for clients. Although I've got it installed on my network of eight or nine machines, I have connections to hundreds and hundreds of other computers — some 500 other computers at my clients. I wanted to make sure I was installing something that was not taking up too much memory on their machines, that was stable and secure. I didn't want something that was at all suspect. I wanted solid and robust. View full review »
Link Porterfield
Founding Member at
I came to be familiar with TeamViewer when I was trying to find a way to access Take Control from Linux. Instead, I found out it could be done with TeamViewer. That is what made me aware of TeamViewer and made me discover firsthand that it was a great solution. I didn't replace another service. While I have used other technologies in the past, like VNC, they don't do exactly what TeamViewer does. If you wanted to use VNC remotely, you'd need to get your traffic through the firewall and take care of securing or encrypting that traffic yourself. Thus, it is not really in the same league of software. You have to bring your own security. With TeamViewer, you are encrypted out-of-the-box. View full review »
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Dan Wilkening
Network Administrator at Parksite
We had another software that we used for a while called Virtual Network Connection (VNC), which allowed us to access machines. The problem with that solution was that it had to be on a VPN connection. They had to be connected to our network, so it was a lot more difficult to be able to get on their machines. For those machines, we added TeamViewer. Now, every time that they boot up the users' machines, it launches if they are on the Internet. It connects, and I can see whose machines are on and whose aren't. The VPN solution was through Bell Labs at one time and has been around a long long time. It was a free solution that you just download off the Internet, if you want to. While it works okay, it's not the greatest. The problem with it is that you still need a VPN connection to our network for it to work. Because it is point-to-point, it won't go through the Internet. With TeamViewer, if the machine is on the Internet, it doesn't matter where on the globe the device is, it works. With the VNC software, you have to connect back to our network on a private connection, otherwise it wouldn't work. The VNC solution was cumbersome to use. TeamViewer is so much easier. View full review »
Tawanda Sibanda
Sponsorship at a non-profit
Yes, indeed Skype, but that was an improvisation, the alternative solution was not suited for the purpose. View full review »
Associate General Counsel at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Yes, we used LogMeIn. A colleague turned me onto this as a cheaper alternative that works even better. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about TeamViewer, Microsoft, LogMeIn and others in Remote Access. Updated: November 2019.
382,399 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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