TeamViewer Valuable Features

John DeMillion
Director of IT at Chester County Intermediate Unit
TeamViewer's cross-platform nature is important to us, as we are about 95% macOS, and our IT organization is all-Mac, so we often use our Macs to control Windows machines. TeamViewer is very fast, with very high fidelity and visual quality, in both high- and low-bandwidth situations, far better than our experience with LogMeIn. TeamViewer's support for multiple Controllers on a Host is very convenient, allowing multiple techs to collaborate to help an end-user or to look at a server. With LogMeIn, additional techs attempting to control a Host would either just mysteriously not be able to connect (there was no message or other indicator that the Host was already being controlled by someone else), or they would accidentally kick off the first Controller on the Host, which was inefficient and confusing. Mass-deployment options for Hosts are excellent, making it easy to mass deploy on both macOS and Windows, and you can pre-configure the Hosts with settings and custom branding as needed. Having said that, the experience with individual installations is nowhere as slick as LogMeIn, however: installing TeamViewer manually and getting everything configured is much more annoying and time-consuming than LogMeIn. TeamViewer's file-transfer features are useful and comprehensive, with two options: 1) a drag-and-drop transfer mechanism for small files, and 2) a full-fledged file-transfer dialog that allows file tree browsing on both the Host and Controller. TeamViewer is also free to try for personal use; as a result of that, myself and many of my staff were already familiar with the product from our experience supporting friends and family. That feature directly led to us being able to test TeamViewer extensively in everyday use, and as we looked for alternatives to LogMeIn, our familiarity with TeamViewer from personal use helped. LogMeIn previously offered the same free personal-use license but they discontinued that offering, which in my opinion was a very shortsighted move...and one that made me appreciate TeamViewer even more. View full review »
Link Porterfield
Founding Member at
It works well on a Linux laptop or desktop. Linux support has been huge for me because that is what I use for my computer systems. To be able to have something which works properly on the operating system that I prefer is great. I like to use the remote file transfer on occasion, but the remote desktop access is my number one most used feature. It has good multi-tenant support. As an IT service provider, it has the configuration options required to make it work well across multiple customers, as it is highly configurable. Its branding has been valuable for me. View full review »
* Remote access is awesome. * It is fast and very easy to use. * The video is also handy when doing training. View full review »
Tawanda Sibanda
Sponsorship at a non-profit
* Viewing the client screen remotely and having full control of controls. * Instant messaging is also good. * Mobile device support is also great. View full review »
Associate General Counsel at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The ease in which it operates. I have been able to get complete computer novices in different time zones to download and install the program with ease so that I could troubleshoot their computer issues. View full review »
Joe Millon
Executive Director at a non-profit with 1-10 employees
The most valuable feature is you do not need to know the Windows username and password to connect and see the staff screen. View full review »
Avesh Meena
* Ability to share any files among others * Easy to use, and has a clean user interface * Value for money * Ability to add any TeamViewer ID. View full review »
Unattended access with "single" login. View full review »

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