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Implementation Engineer at GFx Soluciones
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: The comprehensive coverage offered…
Information Security Manager at a financial services firm
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: Tests against cloud providers…
CEO at Screenit Labs Pvt Ltd
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: Easy to setup, and allows you to…
Senior Consultant at a tech company
CISO at a financial services firm
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: Saves me significant time when…
Managing partner at a tech services company
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: We can deliver a high level of…
Security Professional at a tech services company
President and Sr CISO Consultant at CISO Consulting Inc.
Senior Manager at a security firm
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: Quickly scans and detects new…
Senior Infrastructure Project Manager at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Tenable Nessus: Has good vulnerability reporting…