TensorFlow Room for Improvement

Jafar Badour
Data Scientist at UpWork Freelancer
If I want to develop my own gradient descent, and I want to use the TensorFlow grading descent, but implement it in my own way, it can be difficult. However, if I want to change just one thing in the implementation of TensorFlow functions I have to copy everything that they wrote and change it manually if indeed it can be amended. This is really hard as it's written in C++ and has a lot of complications. But this feature, allowing you to write bespoke code to an implementation of TensorFlow would be really great. Another thing I think that TensorFlow would be much more optimized is to have better CPU versions. I know the problem with Python in general, it lets you only use one thread in the CPU. But even while using TensorFlow, it uses two threads. For example, if I have a high powered CPU, I cannot use it. For example with my laptop, I have a high-powered CPU and I'm using Ubuntu, but my GPU is not recognized. So I can use the CPU, but it's not really optimized for this purpose. Huge calculations require GPU's. I think that could be the second thing that could be optimized. I think TensorFlow 2 has huge improvements over TensorFlow 1. However, it would be really nice if we can actually somehow use the code written in TensorFlow 1, to incorporate it into TensorFlow 2. It generates a lot of errors and you have to change a lot of code and settings. What we can optimize is to actually have consistency between the versions. So TensorFlow 2 is actually a different product, to TensorFlow 1. View full review »
Hamza Liaqat
AI Expert at Upwork Freelancer
TensorFlow is primarily geared towards Python community at present. JavaScript is a different thing and all the websites, web apps and all the mobile apps are built-in JavaScript. JavaScript is the core of that. What can be improved with TensorFlow is how it can mix in. How the JavaScript developers can use TensorFlow. There's a huge gap currently. If you are a web developer, then using Machine Learning with TF is not as straightforward as using a regular Javascript library by reading its documentation. TensorFlow should provide a way to do that easily. View full review »
BEKKOUCHE Imad Eddine Ibrahim
Computer Vision Engineer at Innopolis University
It doesn't allow for fast the proto-typing. So usually when we do proto-typing we will start with PyTorch and then once we have a good model that we trust, we convert it into TensorFlow. So definitely, TensorFlow is not very flexible. View full review »
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