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Principal Consultant at Digital Web Advisors Pvt Ltd
Apr 15 2013

What do you think of TerminalFour Site Manager?

Introduction Vendor History TerminalFour was founded in 1996 by the then-Dublin City University student Piero Tintori. What started off as a few one-off projects in Ireland gradually developed into solution that is now known as Site Manager. This development was done in collaboration with two of TerminalFourâs customers. With the initial focus on the Healthcare sector, TerminalFour soon found itâs nice in the Higher Education (#1 in Ireland and UK) and Public Sector eGovernment (#1 in Ireland). TerminalFour has now started penetrating in finance and retail sector too. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland; TerminalFour had expanded to Europe, North America, the Middle-East and Australia, TerminalFour is headquartered in Ireland with offices in Slough, Berkshire (UK);…

What is TerminalFour Site Manager?

TERMINALFOUR Site Manager includes a wide range of Intranet, Social Media and Web 2.0 modules at no extra cost: Blogging, Forms, Microsites, Discussions, Commenting, Polls, GIS/Mapping, Videos, Social Tagging and Personalised Portals.
Also known as
Site Manager
TerminalFour Site Manager customers
University Administration ,Loyola,swinburne University ,Rhodes University ,rmit University,University college dublin,University of florida
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