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Micro Focus
Real User
Performance Test Lead at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
Jun 13 2017

What do you think of LoadRunner?

Valuable Features The capabilities and flexibility of the Controller, the ability to monitor the systems under test, and the comprehensive results Analysis which saves a great deal of time. • Room for Improvement More guidance on the use of the Tru Client protocol which is used for Web interfaces. • Use of Solution 15 years • Deployment Issues LoadRunner generally deploys without issues. • Stability Issues Its a complex product and there are usually a few bugs in the point zero releases, it is generally pretty reliable. Sometimes the controller can crash, this is usually after opening and closing several scenarios without closing the controller. Closing the controller after a couple of scenarios opened will avoid the problem. • Scalability Issues Scalability...
Real User
QA Lead at a tech vendor
Aug 20 2017

What do you think of Appium?

Valuable Features Support for both Android and IOS. It simplifies the testing setup. • Improvements to My Organization It saves a large amount of QA resources needed for doing smoke tests and sanity checks on new versions of the app on several phones and OS versions. • Room for Improvement Usability. The documentation is not always easy to follow, especially the advanced setup part, where the IOS predicates usage. Also, the Appium inspector, a tool which allows you to inspect screen elements, is rather tricky to setup. • Use of Solution Three years. • Stability Issues Yes. Sometimes the mobile environment reset and application installation are slow. Sometimes you need to kill and restart the Appium app. I have seen constant improvements though. • Scalability...

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