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Real User
Tableau/Data Visualization Specialist, Reporting & Analytics at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Aug 30 2016

What do you think of Tableau?

Valuable Features Highly interactive and intuitive data discovery: helps people see and explore their data. Ease and breadth of connectivity to so many different data sources. The interface to make joins between tables is greatly appreciated. • Improvements to My Organization Management is simply getting more insights from visual representations of their data, and we’re becoming a more data-driven decision-making organization. • Room for Improvement I’d like more data integration across data sources. • Use of Solution I have used it for almost 2.5 years. • Deployment Issues I have not encountered any deployment, stability or scalability issues with Tableau Desktop. • Customer Service and Technical Support I didn’t need much technical support, and I find the...
Real User
Founder with 1-10 employees
Jun 05 2018

What do you think of Microsoft BI?

Primary Use Case It's primarily for reporting, and the performance has been very good. • Improvements to My Organization Other people can access data much more easily than before. Its usability is the main advantage, people in the company are using it. • Valuable Features It works mostly with Excel, and it's a very good price. • Room for Improvement The Report Server is pretty expensive on-premise. But as long companies are happy to use the cloud version, that's very cost effective. • Use of Solution One to three years. • Stability Issues The stability is very good now; it was definitely really poor a year ago. • Scalability Issues Because it's cloud-based, it's very scalable. • Customer Service and Technical Support I haven't used tech support...

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