Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform Actionable Insights

Has this solution provided you with the ability to gain actionable insights into your cloud infrastructure? If yes, how?

Vincent Romney
Director of Information Security at Younique Products
It has also provided us with the ability to gain actionable insight into our cloud infrastructure. We have a long list. The vulnerability and patch-management components allow us to see what our most severe and actionable items are for platform OS, our EC2 instances, our golden images. We're able to see what instances have the greatest need for assessment and remediation and we move down the list on those. Over time, that's going to substantially improve our overall security structure.
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Kevin Johnson
Lead Security SRE at InVision
It has absolutely provided us with the ability to gain actionable insights into our cloud infrastructure. We use it as a configuration monitoring and alerting tool. The fact that we can tie 20 AWS accounts into a single view, or a single pane of glass, and monitor the security configurations of those 20 accounts in one setting is just huge.
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Director of Security at Eventbrite
The solution provides us with the ability to gain actionable insights into our cloud infrastructure. It gives us a lot of visibility into what's happening in our AWS accounts. The security team can monitor and oversee, and provide oversight to the cloud operations team. For example, when new security groups are being created, or ingress and egress points are being created at the network layer, we can ensure that they've been documented, tested, approved, and that they have gone through change-control management; things of this nature which are required for, say, compliance purposes. We can detect and then ensure the controls are in place to close the whole loop of the change-control management process.
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Chris Murdock
Security Architect at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Our primary use of the tool is to gain actionable insights into our cloud infrastructure. The dashboard and daily audits of our environments give us a plan of action for items that we may need to remediate going forward, or for new resources which may need a configuration checkup.
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Eric Cohen
Sr. Director Information and Security for PureCloud at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
In terms of our cloud infrastructure, one of the things that we get from it is that we now have a baseline of normal. What do we expect to see? What are normal operations? From a security standpoint, what's going on that is the average, that we expect, and what is an outlier? This is one of the tools that allows us to say, "Okay, this is our normal baseline, these things are outliers." And even if they don't reach the alert level of a Sev 1, they're still outliers that we're logging as Sev 2 and Sev 3, and we're still looking at those every day just to see what patterns are changing.
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Skyler Cain
Software Development Manager at Rent Dynamics
In terms of cloud infrastructure, the biggest thing is the fact that they do connect with our AWS account and they let us know which boxes are and are not running the agent. They give us details on that. That's the biggest insight they've given it. That's allowing me to see which servers I have my agent on and which ones I don't. I can get a quick glance at my weak points and servers that I need to either migrate over or get rid of.
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