Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform Potential Attack Investigation

Has this solution helped cut down the time to investigate potential attacks? If yes, by how much time?

Vincent Romney
Director of Information Security at Younique Products
In terms of the time needed to investigate potential attacks, the data that's available in the single pane of glass probably knocks half the time off because you don't have to jump over to AWS. You've got it all there.
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Kevin Johnson
Lead Security SRE at InVision
It has also cut down the time to investigate potential attacks by 95 percent.
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Skyler Cain
Software Development Manager at Rent Dynamics
It has absolutely cut down the time to investigate potential attacks because it tells us immediately via Slack. We have a link, we click the link, we open Threat Stack, and it takes us right to the events we need to know about. That's been just awesome. In terms of time saved, to go in and dig through the servers and find all the logs, it probably saves 45 minutes to two hours per incident, depending on how impacting it is. We get a handful of alerts a week that we have to deal with, so we're saving a couple of hours a couple of times a week. Obviously, partnering with Threat Stack and implementing Chef makes all of that a lot faster. If you take into account all of that, you're saving oodles of time. If you actually had to go patch every box manually without Chef - which we got because of Threat Stack... That's saving a boatload of time, because of their recommendation and going through the security measurements.
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