Threat Stack Scalability

Skyler Cain
Software Development Manager at Rent Dynamics
Scaling is super-easy. Now that we're using Chef, installing it is a breeze. I would see no problem in scalability. The only issue I might see is moving over to ECS and Kubernetes and any differences we might have to do in our configuration to make that be effective. But that's unknown territory. Currently, everything that we're doing is perfectly scalable to as many servers as we need. View full review »
Director of Security at Eventbrite
We haven't had any scalability issues. It has been horizontally scalable for us and they seem to be able to handle our traffic. Our traffic patterns are fairly spiky, and even during high spikes they haven't seemed to be holding us back at all. View full review »
Kevin Johnson
Lead Security SRE at InVision
It scales to whatever we want to go to. View full review »
Eric Cohen
Sr. Director Information and Security for PureCloud at Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
No issues with the scalability. We run over 5,000 production instances on it. We have very few users. There are only seven people who have access to the Threat Stack console and they're all security engineers. View full review »
Vincent Romney
Director of Information Security at Younique Products
The issue for us was understanding how the scalability works, because we do have these bursts during Black Friday when we go about 30 or 40 average EC2 instances to several hundred. Once we figured out how to manage that, we found it scales brilliantly. View full review »
Chris Murdock
Security Architect at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
We have not hit any limits within the service. Talking with other customers, I have never run into anyone who has hit any form of service limit within Threat Stack. We have approximately 12 users, which range from security, compliance, privacy, engineering, and development. We are currently using Threat Stack across more than 20 AWS accounts and are beginning our deployment to several hundred hosts within the AWS system, nearly a thousand. View full review »
Narendra Rathi
Senior Software Security Analyst with 501-1,000 employees
It is scalable. It deploys easily with curl and yum. View full review »

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