TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Other Advice

Head of Big Data and Solution Architecture at Jakala S.p.A.
I would rate this product a seven out of ten. We are just at the beginning of the cloud era for the BPM. This is the same for other vendors like Azure with PowerApps and so on. There will be a lot of room for improvement. But they are still useful products for production. I rate it a seven. It is good, but not so good that it might not be better in the future. The most important thing is to understand that using the cloud platform is completely different from the on-premise installation. You need to really understand your business needs because it's a completely different environment. It's very useful for filling gaps in your business processes. Different solutions are available and it is flexible usually on demand. If you are using Salesforce or a CRM and you should be using other cloud solutions in your business processes, it's okay to have a cloud solution. But if you're a company that relies on on-premise systems, maybe the cloud solution is not the best solution because of how you usually go about your business. So, maybe you need to choose the on-premise solution. It's very important to define which is the best solution for you by understanding the advantages and disadvantages and not just follow the suggestions by the vendors. TIBCO is trying to push the cloud solution because all the competitors are going to the cloud. But you really need to understand what are your business needs and use it if it is the best solution for you. View full review »
Federico Pulice
Senior Consultant at Provincia
We use the on-premises deployment model. I would rate the solution seven out of ten. Sometimes it's not stable, but it is a complete solution. It takes time for development. An hour for development, is a long time, for example, in my opinion. It is easy to use but has many black box complaints. You have to write to support because of these complications. View full review »
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