TIBCO Rendezvous Questions

Pramod Kumar
Assistant Divisional Manager with 10,001+ employees
Jul 29 2021

We have Tibco RV deployed for messaging both request reply and certified delivery in a highly distributed environment.

This is a very old 2004 deployment and Tibco itself has now moved away from RV. 

What could be a good alternative for Bank financial transactions like messages movement with security reliability, no loss and guaranteed delivery in a distributed environment?

reviewer1444734We are in a similar situation where we want to replace some old messaging… more »
Rakesh KanojiaYou may want to have a look at "Workato". It is built on Docker technology & can… more »
Mark MussettYes, RV is very old now and as a company we now sell TIBCO Messaging under which… more »
Business Activity Monitoring Questions
IT Central Station
Jun 29 2021

What types of insights do businesses gain from BAM as opposed to BI?

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David PiechBusiness Application Monitoring usually involves measurement and monitoring of… more »
Jorge BarrosoThe difference between BAM and BI mainly recides in the way that the information… more »