Business Process Design Questions
Chuene Sekwakwa
Business Improvement at South African Mint
Aug 30 2021


I have been tasked to reengineer all business processes. I need to know which tool will be the best fit for me to use with these criteria:

  • 3 to 5 Process designers
  • Common workspace
  • Affordable 

I need the tool to model processes first (1 year), then I will upgrade to business interactions, RPA, and cost efficiency calculations at the later stage. 

I appreciate your inputs.

Michael BargThere are many BPM applications available.   Camunda and Pega BPM are two good… more »
SalesEng0d2eBlueworks Live by IBM is an exceptional tool for process modeling and discovery… more »
SteveBarnesWhen I hear people all about BPMN modelling, I immediately wonder what they are… more »
Gerente Telecom at Everis
Jun 01 2021


I'm considering two platforms: Camunda and Bizagi. Can you please share the advantages of Camunda over Bizagi, if any?

Art Hebbeler, PMPI can't give you a good reason to skip over Bizagi. I have been using Bizagi for… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 07 2021

What Business Process Design tool do you love using? What are its stand-out features? 

What makes it better than other tools that you've used?

Guillermo LopezMy favorite BPD tool is the one I can get for what I can pay. Most tools are… more »
Walter KuhnIt depends on my use case. When doing it for myself, I prefer Sparx Enterprise… more »
Linda NamayanjaPMP,CBPA,ITILI enjoy using Bizagi process modeler I like its simplicity and the fact that… more »
IT Central Station
Aug 22 2021


How do microservices orchestration and choreography differ? 

What are the relative benefits of each approach in microservices architecture?

AllanKowalskiConceptually the difference is that choreography involves two or more… more »
PaulPerezFor many years, the question “Choreography or Orchestration” divided the… more »
Petr Klučka