Trend Micro Deep Security Other Solutions Considered

Sachin B
IT Executive at IFB
As a user, I am not finding any drawbacks or problems in this security product. But I do see in some forums comments about issues other customers are facing. I know there are multiple products in the market that are maybe better than Trend Micro. That is why I came to your site and researched other solutions. I have found that Palo Alto is better than Trend Micro. But we have not tested it yet, so I requested from Palo Alto Networks to show us some other products. They are coming next week to show us. If we find that they are better than Trend Micro we will switch. But overall, Trend Micro is working very well. We had also evaluated Symantec in the past. View full review »
Mohit Sharma
CTO at RightCloud Pte. Ltd.
There are products, like Symantec, but Deep Security from Trend Micro is quite helpful for us. It is being absorbed by a lot of customers, whether they belong to an enterprise or the public sector. It is highly adopted. We went with Trend Micro because it was more cloud native, the architecture was more on the high availability side of it, and it had the the implementation that we wanted. View full review »
Vijay M
Senior Security Specialist at a tech services company
We resell a variety of products, some of which are similar to the Trend Micro solution, but our recommendation depends on our customer's requirements. Some customers will demand a particular vendor, such as Trend Micro, while others will specify that they do not want to use solutions by a specific vendor. In these cases, we work on alternative solutions for our clients. Some of the other options our clients consider are solutions by McAfee, Kaspersky, and Symantec. View full review »
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Rayees Tamton
Data Center Manager/Support Delivery Manager at Salam Technology
We did evaluate other options, including Kaspersky. I know that it does not have the capability that we need. We did use it for endpoints, but we were not happy with it at the time. View full review »
VP of Enterprise Architecture at Broadridge
We were looking for a tool to help secure our environment. There wasn't anything immediately available as an AWS native service, so we looked for a third-party tool which could do it. We would like to see more from AWS natively on the intrusion detection side. View full review »
Erin Xavier
Systems Administrator at Alfred Publishing
There were three runners up when evaluating this product: Sophos, Symantec, and Trend Micro. We chose Trend Micro for the following reasons: * Its smaller footprint. * It did not take up a lot of storage space. * The agent was small enough to where you wouldn't even notice it. * The ease for the user to install it themselves. * The actual web portal. * Cost: The price offered was decent compared to Sophos, which was extremely expensive. View full review »
Tanweer Surve
Sr. Director, Enterprise Architecture & Cloud Technologies at Essilor
After our move to virtualization was complete and its security woes were becoming evident, we began our search for a new security solution that could protect both its physical and virtual environments. After a three-month proof of concept with solutions from Gartner and Forrester’s top five security vendors, we selected Trend Micro Deep Security. “We wanted a solution that provided seamless integration with VMware vCenter management software and true agentless deployment. Deep Security for VMware was the only solution that really worked. View full review »
Dirty Blueshirt (Aaron S)
Principal Infrastructure Security Architect at S2 Global
I was not at the company when they evaluated the other products. I do know that they evaluated Symantec. Trend Micro was selected because it has better whitelisting of applications, its intrusion detection was far superior, and it has configurability. View full review »
Carlos Sampaio
HR Analyst Manager at Cesar
We already use Trend Micro for their endpoint protection. Therefore, we selected them for their server product because we liked their endpoint protection product. The process took a week to ten days. View full review »
Swami Venkat
CTO at a tech vendor with 1-10 employees
We also considered Pure Storage. In the end, we decided to only pursue Trend Micro because it is easier for us to install and use. The decision to use Trend Micro was based on cost, brand name, and ease of use. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Trend Micro Deep Security. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
430,376 professionals have used our research since 2012.