Tricentis qTest Agile Integration

Have you used the solution’s real-time integration with an enterprise Agile planning tool like JIRA? If yes, what is your impression of the integration?

Senior Director of Quality Engineering at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
The main thing that really stuck out when we started using this tool is the linkability of qTest to JIRA, and how we can do the traceability of tying JIRA requirement and defects directly with qTest. So when you're executing test cases, if you go to fail it, it automatically links and opens up a JIRA window. You're able to actually write up a ticket and it automatically ties it to the test case itself. It has seamless integration with other key, fact-tracking or ticket-tracking tools, with overall good API integrations.
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Sr. Manager Quality Assurance at Forcepoint LLC (Formerly Raytheon|Websense)
The integration with JIRA allows us to have an integration between both our automation testing systems, such as Jenkins, through qTest, and into JIRA. It allows all that data to be transferred and distributed among all the different stakeholders within the organizations. That way I don't even have to do reporting. They can just look in JIRA and see what the testing results were. It's very simple for me. It makes my life a little easier so I don't have to generate so many reports.
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Manager, IT Quality Assurance (EDM/ITSRC/Infrastructure) at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution's real-time integration with JIRA is seamless. With ALM or QC, we had an additional plugin which was a schedule-based integration between the tool and JIRA. Sometimes things errored out and there were too many integration issues. We didn't have an updated sync-up between JIRA and Quality Center.
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Assistant Vice President, IT Quality Assurance at Guardian Life Insurance
We are fully integrated with JIRA, so back and forth, we use JIRA as an agile shop. JIRA does all of our user stories, etc., and is the main source for defects. qTest Manager is the testing hub. The integration between the two has been great, pretty much seamless.
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Division Chief with 10,001+ employees
The integration with JIRA works great. We had to get support involved to help increase the number of connections because we had a lot of tickets, but it's very seamless. Once you have it set up it works really well.
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Automation Lead at LogiXML
The integration with JIRA is superb. It was easy for my DevOps manager to go ahead and create integration between JIRA and qTest.
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