Tricentis Tosca Room for Improvement

AVP, Testing Service Owner at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
There have been some setbacks because of upgrades. While Tosca has been around for a while, Tricentis has catered to smaller clients and I don't think they have done such a large, at-scale transition or transformation before, or worked with a company like ours which is doing an enterprise-wide transformation. When we go to their customer advisory-board meetings, upgrades have been on the agenda an issue. They have been working a lot to make upgrades seamless. There have been cases where we have needed customization because things haven't worked with the out-of-the-box functionality of Tosca. Customizations are VB and C# and those are not a "go-forward" for our company from a technology perspective, so we have asked Tricentis to do all the customizations for us. There have been cases where we have gone back because of the upgrades that they have done. We had to redo and re-scan things. Since we operate at such a large scale, we want to limit ourselves to one or two upgrades a year. That was our biggest complaint, when we went to California this year in May we told them they need to make their upgrade process more seamless. Initially, it felt like anytime we took an upgrade, we had to go back and re-scan everything. There was a combination of having to do re-scanning but also our not knowing how we should do things. In the last six months or so, we have reached a place where that has been much better. The last upgrade that we took was much more seamless than the first upgrade we took this year. They have made great strides in helping us do that. With regression testing, the challenge we are now facing is data. That's a whole other effort that we are working on, as test data is a problem. This is especially true where a system gets data from five other areas. It is very dependent on their data. Until we are in a place where we can do end-to-end testing, or we can virtualize their data, even though we may have 100 percent automation, it does not help. We are working with Tricentis on this, and we are working at some other tools as well. From a testing automation-perspective, we are still continuing the journey. It's going to go to 2020. We have areas that we have not touched yet. We are heading there but we are also starting to take a look at data to see how can we combine the automation that we have done with test data to have an automated CI/CD pipeline. We have gained a lot of confidence by implementing automation using Tosca. If we hit any roadblocks, it's more from a data perspective. From where they were at when we started with Tosca in 2018, to where they are now, they have made huge changes and enhancements to their features. It's much better. And I think they have gained as much from partnering with us on this large-scale enterprise as we have. Tricentis is pretty open to helping and working on any enhancements and patches. If you ask Tricentis, they will say qTest has all the capabilities we are looking in integration. We are going with JIRA, and we have tools like Hexawise and GitHub. One thing we would like to see is integration of Tosca with those. We know their qTest is integrated with everything, but not everybody is necessarily going to take qTest. We are looking at qTest as an option for replacing defect management, but we are not sure we will be going that route. If companies don't have qTest and only have Tosca, integration is an area where there is room for improvement in Tosca. Finally, Tosca is on-prem right now. We have VDIs that have the Tosca agents installed. We have a very aggressive cloud roadmap as a company for moving our applications to the cloud. We are trying to work with Tricentis to help us make the move. We would love it if the Tosca agents could be installed on Docker instead of VDI. But I don't think Tricentis is ready for that yet. I don't think Tosca is actively on the cloud, so we are using the on-prem. View full review »
Global QA Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The main area where there is room for improvement is how they do upgrades. Going through this current upgrade, we were delayed a month because we are using a third-party tool. It's called Tosca Connect by Tasktop. When this latest upgrade broke that relationship between the two, it took Tricentis a month to come back with a workable solution. To me, that resulted in critical customer impact and it took way too long for them to resolve. Their whole upgrade process needs to be better and cleaner, from an end-user standpoint. View full review »
Technical Analyst at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It would be of great help if they can fix the loading or performance issues. Sometimes, when I create the test case folder and test cases, it feels like it has loading or performance issues. When passing the objects, we can't sometimes find the exact element. We need to find out that exact location and just give the path for that, and then it works. In the pipeline, when creating Jenkins, we create the list execution for passing the execution list to the commander. I feel it is a bit late, by a fraction of seconds. I first thought it could be my mistake or a setting issue, but I worked on that, and it's not a mistake or a setting issue. View full review »
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Continuous Delivery Lead at SAI Global
- Upgrades to the newer version, if extra Add-ins are installed sometimes causes weird issues. - Needs a UI to be open and present when running the tests. Cannot visit the DOM like in Selenium. - Needs a UI to visualize the test case development. View full review »
Software QA Automation Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see better integration with other testing tools. There is full integration with Selenium and having this with other tools would be good. Integration with other programming languages would also be helpful. View full review »
Quality Assurance and Services Manager at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution needs to improve its simulation of mobile environments. Right now, that aspect is really lacking. The solution should work to try to lessen the cost of the solution. Right now, using it is costly for companies such as ours. We'd like to see improvement in shared repositories. The problem with the shared repository is this: as it gets bigger, as we create more test cases, and due to this, we are experiencing issues. View full review »
Manish Kum@r
Senior Technical Automation Specialist at Sixsentix
Even though the platform has been continuously evolving, there is room for improvement. For example: * Test reporting hasn't been as impressive as the other components of this platform. * Not being able to mask test data in relation to testing data management, in my opinion, is also a limitation. View full review »
Bid Manager - Expert Continuous Testing at Sogeti UK
If Tosca wants to rule on the RPA world, they have to give some security guarantee. The solution should work with the Linux platform. Right now, it only runs on Windows. The solution could use different modules that would be useful to an organization. Examples of modules they could add include robotic process automation, analytics, and business intelligence among others. View full review »
Ulrich Becker
QA at proalpha business solutions gmbh
I would like to be able to manage different projects in one repository or have better data exchange between repositories. View full review »
Daniel Kämena
Consultant im Testingbereich at qcentris
It should be more flexible when using the modules; it is kind of frozen there. They should be made more dynamic. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Tricentis Tosca. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
441,672 professionals have used our research since 2012.