Tufin Valuable Features

Robert Letson
Director at Visa Inc.

The rule provisioning is the most valuable feature. We had a ticketing system, like Remedy, which had a homegrown product. It would take your source destination port and do a bit of analysis, then give us a ticket with the spreadsheet. Then, we had to take the information from the spreadsheet and enter it into the firewall. Now, with Tufin, it identifies which firewalls, generates the rules, and you just apply them. It is a big time saver.

When it comes to searching our firewalls for things, I prefer the Policy Browser as opposed to going to the GUI. It seems just easier to search. I can start off with our Provider-1 for Check Point, search there, and get the information. Then, I can change the little drop down to say, "Okay, now go search Palo Alto." I don't have to change my search criteria, the platform pulls it right up.

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Senior Network Engineer at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The reports are very valuable. In terms of cleaning up firewall policies, we use Tufin to gather information in the reports. However, we don't automate Tufin to do the work. It's still done by a firewall engineer.

But the best feature for me is being able to look up objects within all of our policies, because we have a little over 12,000 rules and over 30,000 objects. When one person says, "Hey, where's my server?" I can just go to Tufin and say, "Hey, where is that server?" and very quickly it tells me where it is, what policy it's on. That is a life saver. Without that, I'd be a janitor.

The visibility it provides is also very good.

The change workload process is flexible and customizable. For example, we have it working with ServiceNow. When somebody requests to have a rule in place or requests a firewall, they will first go to ServiceNow and put all their information in. ServiceNow then sends that over to Tufin and Tufin does its magic - verifies the USPs and does the design. That part is simplified. However, there are little mechanics in between that could be a lot better.

We use the solution to automatically check if a change request would violate any security policies or rules. Our cyber team is on it as well. We comb through all the changes done for that rule and verify. Before we do a push, we verify that there was no compromise to our security posture.

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Change Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees

One of the things that we really like is the ability to customize work flow. It seems like there are ways to make a workflow robust and capture multiple different types of things that you would want to do when you are maintaining a set of shop floor network firewall rules. These include things decommissioning a server and performing a common rule maintenance process, like a recertification process. 

The linkage between SecureTrack and SecureChange is nice. The way that you can identify a rule in SecureTrack that needs to be recertified, then create a ticket in SecureChange, which can essentially implement that, and complete the recertification process for workflow. This helps us keep organized, in a big way, a complex, large set of network firewall rules. Otherwise, there is no way for us to track who the business approver or owner is for each of those rules and when the last time each of the rules was looked at. In terms of keeping this set of rules clean, it goes a long way in helping with that.

I had been impressed with the depth of capabilities within SecureTrack, particularly, in terms of generating insights for a user and firewall operator. With SecureTrack, I've been impressed with the level of flexibility with workflow design and its ability to generate different work streams and flows through the tool that are customized for our organization processes.

One of the things that came up this week was the ability to decommission a server, which we thought was interesting. We had a workshop recently that talked about all the things that need to be thought about when managing firewalls. People said, "A lot of times, things get forgotten when you are decommissioning a server." E.g., making sure rules are taken away and taking out the rule set. The fact that there is an automated workload for that can be helpful.

From the training that I've done at the conference, I like the ability to visualize the network paths between different endpoints and servers. I thought that was cool.

I have been impressed with the range of capabilities. The ability to connect with other services and software solutions via APIs is very impressive. In terms of breadth of market coverage, that seems pretty robust.

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Network Security Operations at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees

The central repository of information provides a consistent way of doing things, eventually shortening the time period to make changes. This is the most valuable thing at this point in time. 

I'm very happy with the visibility component. It gives us a reasonable insight into the most of the application flows. Obviously, most east-west application flows are missing from what we have. That is a component which we will need to eventually fill in the gaps.

Between the cloud and physical data centers, we definitely share Tufin policies. That definitely gives us visibility into both.

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Ben Stern
Service Engineer at G2 Deployment Advisors

The APIs are the most valuable feature of this solution, as they facilitate integration with ServiceNow and other solutions. I'm a little biased because that's what I work with the most, but I have found, especially in comparison to other products I've interacted with, that the Tufin APIs are very well-documented. And the big thing about them is you can do pretty much anything with them that you can do in the UI. From what I've seen, the big focus of SecureChange, in particular, is automation. And you can't have automation - or complete automation - without the ability to interconnect with other systems. The APIs really assist with that.

All of the customers I have worked with who have the SecureChange product use the change request violation risk analysis in the workflows. It is usually the third step of every workflow that I configure. For example, we have an energy customer that has a particular team of people which deals with a given workflow if it has risks. They have Tufin set up to automatically run the risk reports and, in the next step, if the risk is considered low, it goes to one team; if it's considered medium, it goes to a different team. That really allows them to move their changes along without too much human intervention or too much delay.

The solution allows for the creation of custom policies, which is helpful for rule cleanup and USP.

The visibility is as good as I’ve seen in any network product. It also has its own firewall stuff for Cisco routers.

The support for cloud-native security is pretty good. We have a large customer that uses AWS and AssumeRole, and they have 200 or 300 AWS accounts. They are pretty satisfied with the solution.

Tufin also supports all sorts of devices, cloud or otherwise. I've definitely seen unified security policies applied to both cloud and regular devices. Cisco, Palo Alto, you name it.

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Michael Utech
Network Security Engineer at Customer Worldpay

In our current environment, the most valuable feature from Tufin is their Network Map because our network team can't give us a network map. Tufin has given me more than what the network team have ever given me, as far as documenting the network infrastructure. So, I'm thrilled.

The visibility is good.

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Network Engineer Lead at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

The ability to write reports to figure out what ports and services are allowed into specific zones. For instance, we know that there are certain devices which are only allowed to have interactive remote access into an electronic security perimeter (ESP). We've written reports which can tell us if someone inadvertently opened something up that shouldn't have been, then we can pull it out. Now that we are using SecureChange, it can alert us to that fact as the rules are being built, which is huge for us.

The visibility is huge. In order to figure out what was going on previously, we would have to pull stuff out of firewalls and put them in spreadsheets, then do sorts. Now, it's all right there in Tufin. We can write reports to look for what we need, ad hoc searches to find object groups, and know which firewalls are on. This was almost impossible to do previously.

It makes it a whole lot easier for rule clean up because we can find rules that haven't been used. We can find rules that are too broad and pull those out, putting more specific rules in, which could be done before but this cuts the time way down to do it.

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Security Analyst at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

It provides a comprehensive overview of what our network looks like in terms of what is allowed and what is not, then how the traffic' is flowing with the Network Topology Map.

With the Unified Security Policy, the more you improve it, the more you will get out of it.

For the things that Tufin is able to work with, it is really great. It sort of provides a comprehensive view. It is easier to explain to people who don't really work with firewalls everyday:

  • Why this is an issue.
  • Why certain things are an issue.
  • Why some things are the way they are.
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Network Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

It's hard to pick the most valuable feature. All of them are valuable, they're all critical for us. It depends on which application we're talking about. ChangeTrack obviously has a lot of very good features, like the risk analysis, the USP, and the Policy Browser. The Topology Map, which feeds into our SecureChange - the latter being an automation platform - there's a lot of synergy between the two. All the features that we have used are critical and are good.

The change workflow process is flexible and customizable. It's not 100 percent but it's definitely in the high 90s. It is very customizable, it's easy to set it up. There are certain fields that we feel might require some enhancements but, overall, it is customizable. It's very easy to use and super-efficient.

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Managing Director at Midpoint Technology

The full Orchestration Suite is what we've been primarily driving because many of our customers want to move into automation, or at least some aspects of it.

The audit portion of this solution has made a really big difference for us. Also, the flexibility of change has allowed us to really drive the product into the marketplace for a large clientele.

This solution provides great visibility, for both our customers from a primary firewall perspective, as well as for the other solutions that they tie into. For example, it gives us an ability to view what’s going on with full plant environments in various parts of the world.

The change workflow process is extremely customizable. We really like it from the standpoint that we can push it from department to department for approvals. It’s not contained within a single solution set, but rather, it moves across the silos of an organization for the approval process.

This solution has helped our clients to meet compliance mandates across the globe, including, for example, GDPR and SOX requirements.

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Network Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features are the rule set analysis reporting that you can do. We use it day in and day out for doing rule cleanup and policy analysis.

The policy comparison reporting is one of the more basic functions that it has, but it is very critical for us. We built it into our processes that before we push any change to production, an engineer will stage actual date rule changes and policy changes. Another engineer will go in and do a comparison report of the last push policy to the last save, making sure what has been changed is what is expected to. From an operational excellence, it's huge for us. We have huge policies. All it takes is one accidental right click, delete, or backspace button, which could impact our business. So, this is something that we use almost day in and day out.

We're definitely happy with the visibility. It gives us a lot more visibility and can do a lot more reporting that just wouldn't be possible for a human to do, who might just be looking at traditional log files.

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Nathan Hulsey
Firewall Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

In general, the automation piece is the most valuable feature: having SecureChange make the change on the firewalls, instead of my having to go manually make the changes on the vendor product.

In terms of cleanup of our firewall policies, we don't officially use Tufin, but I, as an architect, do use the Automatic Policy Generator to review existing rules: high hit-count rules and open rules which aren't very secure. We use that to then build firewall rules which tighten up our firewall policy.

The change workflow process is flexible and customizable. We have had to edit and alter some of our workflow and it's pretty easy, pretty simple, pretty straightforward. We use Tufin support, their helpdesk, for that because we're a very new customer.

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William Temple
CyberSecurity Supervisor at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is the ability to quickly identify where a rule needs to be put in place because right now we manage almost five hundred firewalls.

The visibility that this solution provides is great.

The workflow process is very customizable. I've played with it quite a bit in order to tailor it to our needs.

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Manager of Security Engineering at Global Payments inc

It is a great solution. If you have all the devices and firewalls in place, the amount of details that you get along with the network topology is very good.

If we had the budget and money, the SecureChange is really great. What you can do and where you can push everything from one console. You can create a change and do the whole automation: create the change, implement the change, and close the change. Right now, I have to go to two, three, or four different consoles. Whereas if I had SecureChange, I could do everything in one place. From an auditing perspective, it becomes easy. Right now, I have to give a change ticket number, then show the auditor and tell them to search for that change ticket number in a different place. If everything is in one place, that makes your life easier.

The change workflow process is flexible and customizable.

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Tom Loeber
Services Engineer at AccessIT Group
  • Cleanup
  • Visibility
  • Scalability

Cleanup is its most valuable feature. We use Tufin to cleanup our firewall policies. You can see unnecessary, unused objects. A lot of times, you will create a host, then it's not used. It's like, "Delete that, because we don't need that in the database." Or, it's a rule that is not needed: unused rules.

Its cloud-native security features are good. They add even more visibility to your environment.

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Shaun Slatton
Automation Engineer at Cox Communications

The most valuable feature for us is the topology validation that is part of the workflow.

This visibility that this solution provides is better than that of the competitors that I have looked at.

When this solution works in the way that we need it to, my impressions of the change impact analysis are very good. The hardest thing for us is the inefficiencies with topology. This often means that the results we get are inaccurate.

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Arnold Adu-Darko
Infrastructure Engineer Specialist at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is the workflow.

Using this solution makes it easier to manage the firewall policy.

The reports that this solution provides are very useful. The report includes information about duplicate objects, duplicate services, shadowed firewall rules, and the firewall rules that have not been needed for a specified number of days or months. It sets my Check Point database.

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Jeffrey Belanger
Security Consultant at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature of this solution is that it reduces both the time required and the number of errors when making changes. We reduced the time it takes to make a change from a week down to a few hours. It means that the business gets a faster turnaround time, and our group is not as much of an obstacle for getting things done. It reduced the change error, so there is a lot less manual work being done.

The automation provided by this solution has mostly eliminated the human error element.

The most powerful thing in Tufin is the ability to use the SecureChange API, where we can supplement our own functionality in addition to what is built-in.

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Network Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
  • Easability
  • Audit features
  • SecureTrack
  • Change of work allowance
  • It is very open to changing it and making it do what we need it do. 
  • We get a holistic view of the infrastructure, as well as automation workflows.

The visibility is great, so far. We are still building it out because we have a lot of firewalls from different vendors. Overall, it's a good product in the way it works.

The change workflow process is flexible and customizable. We use this process a lot. We have developers do custom integrations with different vendors, especially ones that are technically supported, as well as doing some custom integrations with our Juniper products, which are not officially supported.

The solution’s cloud-native security feature is definitely welcome. We are starting to embrace the cloud. We are a little more legacy and timid in our approach, considering the amount of data that we have and the way that we want it to be accessed. However, the cloud-native applications are going to be big, so I definitely think that's a welcome feature that they're working on.

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Associate Director Program Management at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
  1. Being able to see all the firewall rules in one place. 
  2. Being able to query them. 
  3. SecureChange will automate and put the rules into Remedy.

The visibility is incredible. It has never been there before.

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CyberSecurity Architecture Manager at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

The compliance aspect of the solution is its most valuable aspect.

The stability is very good.

You can easily scale the solution if you need to.

The number of features is very robust - and there are a large number of features. That's a huge selling point, which is why its popularity is where it is.

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InfoSec Consultant at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature of this solution is the ability to develop it further than what's out of the box.

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Security Engineer at a government with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is to give people outside of the firewall group access to view the policy. Tracking is the most useful feature for us, right now. It saves time but I cannot give an estimate as to how much.

The visibility is good. We can see the policies and what changes need to be made, based on the report.

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Network Operations Engineer at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

The solution is very straightforward to use. It makes doing our work easy. The product is very good at helping us clean up rules.

We've found the stability to be quite good.

The solution is quite scalable.

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Ed Aguila
Senior Network Engineer at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is the ability to gather all of the firewall information without having to do it manually. It makes it much easier and saves time.

We use Tufin to clean up our firewall policies. By doing so, we don’t have a bloated firewall policy that can, in the end, cost more in terms of processor overhead.

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Joseph Yanacheck
Security Compliance at Caterpillar Inc.

The most valuable feature of this solution is reporting.

This solution has helped to reduce the time it takes to make changes. I don't think that we were ever slow, but we can now say that changes are completed within twenty-four hours.

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Mahendra Neopane
User at Daimler AG

SecureChange Workflow: It is Firewall Admin Robot, which handles the ticket right from receiving until the implementing process with documenting all the approvals.

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Networking Engineer at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees

The workloads are the most valuable feature right now, as it stands.

We find that the change workflow process is flexible and customizable. We change our workflow several times a year.

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Network manager at Ekol Lojistik AS

It's user-friendly. It's easy to understand menus on the web GUI. That's a good feature for us. I can say that it's doing what it's supposed to do. It also integrates well with other products like Check Point.

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David Higgins
Senior IT Analyst at Exelon Corporation

From our perspective, the most valuable features are the compliance and firewall reporting modules. Indirectly, we use Tufin to clean up our firewall policies. We run reports, and then use those reports to drive improvement in the firewall rules. The visibility into the Check Point firewall rules is a lot easier to look at using a Tufin report as opposed to a Check Point report.

This provides good visibility of our firewall rules. Using Check Point is a little cumbersome to get what you need, so with this solution, we’re able to filter through and better get the information.

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Infrastructure Analyst at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable features are the GUI interface and the API. 

We’ve found the change workflow process to be flexible and customizable. If it could not be customized then it would be very hard for us to make it work for our company.

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Information Technology Graduate at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

Visibility is its largest and most valuable feature. You can see everything or all the devices on the network for each customer. It provides you a larger view of what might be wrong with the network and how you can improve it with firewall rules, etc. 

If you are talking about secure change, being able to automate the entire change process is pretty much the winner for us. It is going to really reduce the time that it takes for us to do changes, and we can just go out and get more customers.

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Network Security Analyst at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature are role and objects usage for individual objects and app usage.

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Jim Robinson
Senior Specialist at Cigna

In my current role, the most valuable features are the API and the accessing. In my previous job, the analysis was my favorite.

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IT Manager at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

The most valuable feature is the reporting of our risk poster in our firewall. We clean up our firewall rules using this solution. The reporting helps us carry this out quickly.

This visibility is good and I would say that the change workflow process is average to good.

We expect that SecureChange will help us to reduce the time it takes to make changes. It is on our roadmap.

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Principal Consultant at a consultancy with 1-10 employees

The most valuable feature is being able to customize your own clarity to that aspect of change management.

Having better visibility of what is going on. If it gets out of control, you can keep it in your head no matter how smart your administrators are.

From what I have seen, it's user-friendly.

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Project Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

We use two main modules. We really appreciate the change manager. It's one of the most valuable aspects of the solution.

The technical support is pretty good.

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Team Lead of Border Protection at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable feature is automation.

The visibility of the policies are very good. It sees different things. The recordings are very good.

We use a lot of workflows and have a lot of custom things developed by Professional Services. It is very customizable.

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Christian Myers
Consultant at Critical Design Analytics

The preconfigured PCI compliance USPs are the best part for me. These make things a lot easier.

The visualizer for the Network Topology is really good. You can see all the routes throughout your entire environment.

The change workflow process is very easy to customize. You can do a workflow however you want, so you can have an approval every single step. Or, you can remove approvals on certain steps, automating some steps.

It capabilities are very good.

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Security Engineer at a insurance company with 201-500 employees

The auditing is a valuable feature. We can be audited, because it has the ability for approvals to be set up and to put in policies. It is all automated.

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Viktor Vera
Head of IT Security at Banco Privado

The workflow is the most valuable feature.

The visibility that the solution provides is amazing.

The change workflow process is flexible and customizable. I can send one request to an IT Manager and another one to a Development Manager, making them customized.

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Victor Maduike
Uridium Technologies at Uridium Technologies

So far, the solution has been fantastic. The customer has been very happy with its capabilities overall. 

It works very well in an enterprise environment.

There aren't any gaps in its offering at this time. It's a very complete solution.

The reporting on offer is very good. Tufin makes nice reports.

Technical support has always been very helpful and responsive. 

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Security Analyst at Equifax Inc.

The most valuable feature is that it extends security entries in the firewall policies. Given the number of entries in the access control, this would take a lot of time, so this feature is very valuable for us.

The visibility this solution provides us is great. At the moment, we are in the process of continuous improvement, and we need to include these new features.

The change workflow process is okay.

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IT Security Analyst at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

Comparing the rules and policy browser is valuable to me. It gives me the ability to pull running configs and be able to analyze them without having to go directly into the firewall.

The visibility is great.

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Erik Johansen
Manager at PG&E Corporation

Firewall rule processing and compliance are its most valuable features.

The visibility is good. Overall, I can see the rules and headcount.

The change workflow process is flexible and customizable. I made my own custom workflow.

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Lead Engineer at a insurance company with 1,001-5,000 employees

For us, it's all the features that Tufin provides, including the 

  • USP
  • rule design
  • documentation
  • implementation
  • auditing.

They're all important. We could not have one without the others.

In addition, it provides greater visibility, once the setup is configured correctly. It provides a real-time sense of how the policies are configured and whether there are any shadow rules. Another great thing is that it provides greater reporting based on how the rules have been set up.

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Before this solution, we used Excel sheets. This approach did not provide ways to filter the options for implementing changes. The filtering of lots of criteria is very valuable.

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Presales Network & Security Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The most valuable feature is the monitoring. I quite enjoy the monitoring this solution provides. It allows administrators to visualize the traffic flow, and troubleshoot when necessary. It's a useful tool.

The interface is quite user-friendly and intuitive.

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Demetrio Leon Guerrero
Executive Director at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

Tufin gives us the rule, definitions and things of that sort, which is great. All the basic functions work well. 

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The most valuable feature of this solution is APG, the Automatic Policy Generator. Further there are very good capabilities for policy browsing and reporting implemented.

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Firewall Administrator Security Engineer at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees

The most valuable feature is troubleshooting.

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IT Coordinator at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

It is an important application for controlling and monitoring firewall rules. It is useful for making and monitoring the changes.

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The automated reporting on a regular basis is helping us to be compliant with legal requirements.

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Akhilesh Mishra
Sr.I-Security Engineer at M.Tech

It provides very good reports. It can easily integrate with multiple firewalls, such as Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, and Checkpoint. 

We can push a policy from Tufin to a firewall, which is a very good feature. We can monitor all access rules and the operating system of a firewall.

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Peter Cheng
Owner at SIS International HK Limited

The most valuable feature of this solution is the Interactive Map. The interactive map would show our network topology, which would benefit in terms of understanding our environment (especially for new staff) and first-level investigation (including end-to-end firewall path analysis).

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Joe Stehle
Network Infrastructure Engineer at Ropes & Gray

The most valuable feature is alerting, which lets me know when someone has made a change. When something stops working I can see what has been done and by whom.

This solution is easy to set up and use.

It is very easy to see what has changed when comparing two different revisions.

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