Ubiquiti Wireless Room for Improvement

Walter Shelver
Owner at CableWeb
Obviously Ubiquiti wants to work with Ubiquiti. So if you are setting up any other third party product or any other different product, it sometimes can be a bit difficult. With Ubiquiti, you need to set up because you can adopt the product and that's it, where if it's not a Ubiquiti product it can sometimes be a difficult setup. It also depends on your network knowledge but it can be a difficult set up sometimes. For instance, not that you ever really do this, but if I've got somebody that comes to me and wants to go with UniFi as a switching solution but they have an existing Aruba wireless installation, you really need to know what you're doing to set up that kind of solution on Ubiquiti, on the switching. There's another setup protocol you can get by and it will definitely work. But there might be a different setup protocol these guys can actually look at to make that setup scenario a little bit easier. View full review »
IT Manager at Cyber IT Solutions
They should make more advanced features for power users. I am a technician and I am functional, but I do need some features that I find only in Microsoft. I cannot find them in Ubiquiti. This is a very important point because although the user experience is very easy, it lacks many features that can be found in Cisco and Microsoft. Basically, Ubiquiti is a great product for beginners or home users. If you are a really proficient user, on the other hand, you will need more features. In that case, you would want Ubiquity to add more features. I think they should improve their firmware. They should make it more like Microsoft, with more features and they should make it as stable as Cisco IOS. I miss this very much because if I have a professional friend and he wants my advice about which router to use, in some cases he will need advanced features. If you want to make something for YouTube, for example, only Cisco or Microsoft will do. If they add those features, they still should not increase the price. Microsoft has had some serious issues with the same price as Ubiquiti. If the difference is small, like only 5%, it's not an issue. View full review »
Walter Shelver
Owner at CableWeb
When it comes to accessing the system, when you don't have a Cloud Key then it can sometimes be frustrating and irritating. On a cloud system, it is easy to recover passwords, but without the cloud solution, it can get tricky sometimes. They don't force you to buy the cloud key, but it can be frustrating to use without it. Ubiquity is not recognized for providing layered network solutions. Better third-party integration would be helpful because often, Ubiquity is a product that customers choose after they already have something else from another vendor like HPE. View full review »
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Henk Uittenbogaard
CEO at AnyWi Technologies BV
Looking at future usage as in self-steering cars and drones should be part of Ubiquiti. For now, it's too early. But this can be an important function to add. SSID (Service Set Identifier) is also something that is important looking into the future. I'm not sure if those are all of the things that can be improved because everything changes constantly in technology. It could be one of the most advanced products in the industry if it incorporated these things. There are issues with government usage and other security issues. These have to be addressed for the future. View full review »
Alexander Ernst
IT Manager at IMP Bautest AG
In terms of what could be improved in the product, I would have to say security features are lacking. I'm not saying it's easy to hack or not very secure, but when I compare it to the Cisco Meraki solution I use at work, there are a lot of features missing. For example, you can't use antivirus protection and spam filters. For sure it's secure but there are some enterprise features missing. Another issue is that unwanted traffic passes through the firewall with Ubiquiti Wireless, whereas with Cisco Meraki there is an access control list that enables traffic to be stopped. I'm using the AP PRO which I don't think is the latest version and it doesn't support WiFi 6 and other things but it's Dual-Radio with a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency band. View full review »
Network Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
We tried to create an access point with built-in voice and sound that we could use in schools, for example. We tried to create something that could play sounds or messages out of the access points. We wanted to, for example, use it as a school bell instead of using other equipment. It didn't work very well. It turns out when you connect to the Ubiquiti Wireless access point, it's not possible to send simple messages (like what is going on in the canteen, or some news update for the school, etc.). We had to use the on-premises version, as the cloud version wouldn't allow for this. Ubiquiti has a lot of cool features but not everything is included in the management portal. I'd like to see a bit more added, like sound messages and the camera system. They should be part of the management platform and not part of a standalone system. View full review »
Network Cooperations at ESTRO
The product technical support could be better, although the user forum is extremely useful. I have run chat sessions with Ubiquiti tech support, which was very helpful but you can sit in a queue for some time, depending on the time of day. View full review »
Eli Abitbol
Director at Existco PTY LTD
There's one feature that they're missing that's critical, and that is automatic channel assignment. RF channel assignment, which their current controller is not doing. Cisco has this but Ubiquiti doesn't. The only time the channel is reassigned is during reboot of the access point. But there's no dynamic channel management and power management of the Ubiquiti gear. View full review »
Badar Raqeeb
Team Lead at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
They should have more VLAN features and a designing tool like a link planer. It has some dropbacks. It drops and we have to reboot it. View full review »
Supervisor at Neurones Technologies
Some of our customers have reported problems with their outdoor WiFi connections. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Ubiquiti Wireless. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
419,536 professionals have used our research since 2012.