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UiPath Process Mining Primary Use Case

Associate Director - Cloud Architect at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

There are multiple use cases. For example, we have automated shipping process for the operations department, including shipping repairs, production line assembly, and line automation using attended robots. 

Using unattended bots, we have done Engineering, finance, accounts receivable, invoicing, invoice validations, and reconciliations. For sales, we have automated order management and order inquiries. We also have proactive monitoring bots for IT. So daily IT jobs are monitored, and the robot automatically takes action by triggering tickets in ServiceNow

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Automation Lead | Hyperautomation | AI | RPA at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We are using Process Mining to identify processes to be automated. We are also using the product as part of our hyper-automation strategy. Right now we have been able to identify a lot of automation opportunities within the company based on the data that we are collecting from different system processes.  

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Head of Quality Model Office at ADROSONIC

Here are two use cases: one involves a customer with an insurance domain. They had multiple underwriting claims, loss prevention, members, or teams, and they were doing manual filing of the documents or correspondence. We automated the document filing system using UiPath. We had users send the documents to a particular email box with a particular subject line. Then, we had the UiPath robot automatically read those email subject lines and automatically file into SharePoint online.

The second use case involves creating new policies in an underwriting system or renewing the older policies in the system automatically. The robot will read the Excel file in a particular structure and will create new policies or renew the existing policies in the underwriting system automatically, building on certain key business rules. The successes or exceptions will be reported to the business.

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Associate Vice President at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We use this product for robotic automation. With it, we are automating certain standard business processes so they do not have to be handled manually. We can build robots to run automated processes to complete these standard tasks that we would normally have to do manually, otherwise, on a periodic basis. So instead of doing these repetitive tasks manually, the robot is doing it instead of us and it takes care of them automatically.  

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CEO at Connected Wizdom

We primarily use the solution for document understanding and to automate the transfer of information between systems. Emails have been coming into a group of data entry clerks, and those data entry clerks, in the past, have been taking that information and pasting it into another system. We've basically automated that process. Now, the system reads the email, extracts the information, and then posts it to another system for us.

We are also taking a PDF with multiple documents, splitting it up into separate documents, and then posting that to another system.

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RPA Practice Head / Delivery Manager at Knot Solutions FZ LLC

We don't actually use it in our company, we deploy ProcessGold in our clients' premises and provide the services for this solution. We have deployed it for many processes, mainly for human resources, IT, marketing and also for sales. A new aspect is for procurement.

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PROGRAMMER at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

We find the solution to be really easy not just for development purposes, but also for its use and ability to be understood. We can use it to reduce user time. 

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Consultant - RPA at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

We have an order-entry application. We use ProcessGold to record all the steps that we have to perform to create an order. It helps us to create a static record from which we can use a UiPath bot.

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RPA Engineer at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees

We primarily use the solution for accountability for a few processes in a financial services company.

Right now, we are in the early stages of using the product. We just want to watch it to see how it works, what use cases we can take from it, and how we can incorporate it into the business.

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Program Manager - IA at Proven Consult

We are IT, service providers. We help our customers use this solution.

When you have a huge inventory of business processes, and you need to understand where to begin your automation journey. 

That is where process mining becomes a very handy, tool.

With the help of the CPG logs, we can data mine the database logs, which processes consume more time, which is more critical, and which is more business.

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Head of Research And Development at a consultancy with 11-50 employees

So far our primary use has been for process flow. How do you automate? In most of the cases, it was multi-source data collection systems from multiple sources and getting all the information to one point. There is an email or a message. Then how do you get the data from different sources and put them into one language? So far most of the use cases were just that.

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Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

Process Mining helps us to understand how our processes have been built. From that, we can analyze and make the necessary improvements, so that we can be more productive. 

UiPath Process Mining is not the only tool the client is using, but Process Mining is something that we would use as an add-on to what we have. 

For example, if we are using UiPath Studio with five production boards and running it on different systems, then running five different processes, Process Mining can help us to understand how these processes are working, and help us to analyze if there is any room for improvement, or needs any changes to be more accurate and more efficient.

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Senior Developer Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I've been using ProcessGold for business process management and optimization to give me a better understanding of operations around my business.

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Senior Program Manager at a consultancy with 1-10 employees

We are using this solution to gather our data for business improvements and to automate tasks.

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Associate Consultant at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

The primary use for this solution is for automating business processes.

These include data entry tasks that were being done by the bots. There was manual work for applications like Salesforce that was being done using integration activities provided by UiPath. One of our use cases involved doing sentiment analysis on tweets for a couple of brands. 

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Intelligent Automation & Artificial Intelligence Product Manager at PepsiCo

We're using ProcessGold on the UiPath to review one of the financial processes from accounts payable for all Latin American transactions in our shared services center.

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Chief Technology Officer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Our primary use case of this solution is helping companies understand their business forecast so that we can identify opportunities for automation. Before getting to the automation, we always make an analysis of where the process friction is and we try to address any issues. We are customers of UiPath and I'm the CCO. 

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Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

Our primary use case of this solution for our client was for PDF automation which we used to extract data from the PDF, details such as invoice number and invoice structure. We extract all the data and it gets posted to the website. They post all the details inside a tool they use. Before implementation of UiPath this was a manual process which required 50 people all doing the same work 24/7. Once we implemented RPA, it reduced the time factor by around 80%. I'm a consultant and we are partners of UiPath. 

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Technical Operations Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

We primarily use UiPath for the automation of our financial systems. The use cases include invoicing, billing, and other financial processes.

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Director - Enterprise Digital Solutions at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

We implement this solution for our customers.

Let's say we have a client that needs to work on two systems or has to enter certain transactions within two systems. Thanks to this solution, now they can enter this information using one system — they can automatically copy these transactions into that access system. Some of our clients have thousands of transactions per month that they automate through UiPath.

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Management Consultant at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

I use this solution for product mining and docking.

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Senior Software Engineer at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I haven't used it practically for any live project. I used it to see how exactly it works and how will it help if my organization decides to use it for live projects. 

They had provided free training last year. It was the trial version. They provided a link, and we had to go through the link to do process mining. We were working with cloud deployment. We had two to three users.

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CEO at Fit Ideas

We are working with this tool to automate our financial processes.

As a solution provider, we are looking to start marketing RPA solutions such as UiPath to our customers, but at this point, we have only used it to automate one of our own financial processes. We will be using our automation as an example.

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Director at a tech consulting company with 10,001+ employees

Our work is mainly with our customers' companies. We are partners with UiPath and I'm our company's director.

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Sr. Manager, Digital Transformation at Raya Integration

I work with UI Process Mining at my client's company.

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Senior Manager - RPA & Transition at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

We're using this solution to build our own process mining - we already had UiPath licensing for that, so we took UiPath to see how efficient it was. We are customers of UiPath Process Mining and I'm the senior manager.

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Senior Developer - RPA at aCommerce

I'm a customer of UiPath Process Mining. 

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Digital Transformation Architect at Comdata

We use the solution in my digital architect information company for KPI improvement.

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Learn what your peers think about UiPath Process Mining. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.