Disaster Recovery (DR) Software Questions
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Why should businesses prioritize having a disaster recovery solution? 

Do you have some real life examples of cases where disaster recovery was not in place, and what the ramifications were to the business? And vice-versa - what are some examples of cases where disaster recovery proved vital and mitigated loss?

JohannFLEURYI’ve been working for big agro-company and multi-site for our different kinds of… more »
Zied Chelbidisaster recovery plan (DPR) is a set of “action to be taken before during and… more »
Shrijendra ShakyaI am in the business of Disaster Recovery and have been providing DRAAS with one… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 01 2021

How does CDP backup work? Is it an effective replacement for traditional backup solutions? 

Tim LenzWhile CDP is a good idea it does not protect if the database gets corrupted… more »
reviewer1298934No it does not replace backup. This supports RTOs in the case of DR, but backup… more »
Chris ChilderhoseCDP should not replace traditional backup but complement it.  You can have your… more »